Get that achievement XVI

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Pet Challenge Wailing Caverns Complete

Catelena, head to the Argent Tournament and complete Argent Valor
just before the xpac, I have completed [Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King]!

Waterfire, see if you can complete the quests [Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Goblins] before BfA!
[Argent Valor] finally complete.

Spazzy, go and get those last few pet tamers for [An Awfully Big Adventure]. If you can't get all of them right now, start working on [Experienced Pet Brawler] while you wait.

No PvP achievements please.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Goblins complete

Catelena, time to jam out to some Earth, Wind & Fire(10 Player)

If you are unlucky and don't have WG then I need you to complete the Extra Credit Bonus Stage.
[Anomalous Animals of Argus] complete

Waterfire, go explore the Broken Isles and finish [Broken Isles Explorer]!
Seriously I am the slowest person in the world. But I finally finished [Pet Charmer] ([Taming Draenor] I finished right away). Only took me 9 months lol

Helldrigo - it's an exciting new world in Zandalar. You're already a good chef - learn how to cook some new recipes and get 150 cooking points for [Zandalari Cook]!
Broken Isle Explorer Complete

Solanaria, head off and Bow to Your Masters
Don't remember what someone comissioned me to do last time I was here (during Warlords...) So.... whatever it was, it's either done or I'm moving on.

@Waterfire, You've Overthrow(n) The Council, and That Takes Class,
Your Call to Arms this time takes you through a mountain pass.

Return to the valley where deep the snow has always been,
You're going to become an Alterac Valley Veteran!
Cayleb, From Hell's Heart I stab at thee! (

Owlbella - Go find The Tangerine Traveler [Achievements- Collections]
Find Pepe wearing his tiny, adorable goggles.
Kodekkz, thank you so much. He was near the post office hanging out with the carrier pigeons.

in return, I believe it is time for you to travel to the another isle. Drustvar. awaits you.

While i was in Drustvar,i realised i hated it & explored all maps.

Owlbella, head back to Outlands & drop some bombs
[Bombs Away]
Complete the Fires Over Skettis quest in under 2 minutes 15 seconds while not in a group.
Alterac Valley Veteran Complete

Kodekkz, I am going to give you a choice of 2. One that requires high rng Wardrobe of the Old Gods. For the other head to the Seething Shore and claim victory For the Horde! Seething Shore Victory
I have donned the Wardrobe of the Old Gods in 1 foul swoop.

Waterfire, with 5 more pokemon trainers to defeat. Head back to Pandaria for a 2 in 1 achievement. [Taming Pandaria]
Defeat all of the Pet Tamers in Pandaria listed below.
Taming Pandaria, Taming Azeroth and I Choose You complete

Kodekkz, help the loa Jani and Get Hek'd.

Hek Hek Hek
Hek'd Complete & boy i get Hek'd on 1 quest item drop.

Waterfire, go play hide & seek [The Tangerine Traveler]
Find Pepe wearing his tiny, adorable goggles.
Back BFA style. I previously completed An Awfully Big Adventure before launch.

Kodekkz, with new continents come new pets! Go and complete [Battle Safari] and enjoy the very cute Dreadtick Leecher :)
The Tangerine Traveler complete

Spazzy, i'm going to give you a choice of 2. You can unlock your inner fashionista in Yaass'shaarj or learn that Me and the Cappin' Makin' it Happen
I Bowed to my Masters. A few days ago, just been lazy about coming back here :)

Waterfire, finish training up your Rookie Pet Mob by leveling a few more pets to level 10!
New participant here. How should I focus my efforts in BFA?

Solanaria, become a Hatchling of the Talon through Aviana's challenge in Sylvan Falls.

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