Oakheart reset 3times in Darkheart myth+3

Bug Report
Oakheart in Darkheart thicket 3 reset 3times after crushing grip at 10%. the moment his crush ended he would despawn
Yup has happened to me on every mythic plus run and usually end up making up not beat the timer really stupid to get jipped out of the timer cause of this.
+1 . despawned 4 times! messed up m+ run.
this happened to us in +5 yesterday. although we were attempting to trail trash into the boss fight, which we had never done before in this particular dungeon/ boss. so we had believed the boss to despawn due to the trash mobs bugging it out. the boss has never once despawned any other time but when we brought trash with us. not sure if this is an intentional mechanic or a bug.
Still happening as of November 15th in DHT +7

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