How many people are around from 1.0?

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Been around since day 1. Deleted the first character I rolled, but I still have my second character who was my main up until Legion. (Undead Warlock) I still plan to level her to 110 and get her artifacts but I've been having a lot of fun with my DH so she's temporarily shelved.

His name was randomly generated and I thought it was very apropos.
Started about a month before the southpark episode of wow. Chick from runescape convinced me to download and try wow, was like aight. I take a break every so often but I'm still around. Raidin be fun yo.
Let's just say a certain orc statue is one of my most prized possessions and leave it at that.
June 2007, not sure what patch level was at that time. But it's been awhile.
09/30/2016 10:13 AMPosted by Zazonion
How many of you guys are still around from vanilla? Are your original characters still around?
I was in the last stage of Beta for Vanilla and was in day-one.

Two of my day-one characters are gone.

Hunters were not what I hoped for and male night-elves just got under my skin and it fell out of my rotation and eventually I needed the char slot.

Rogues became my deep love in the beta and my wee little gnome was magnificent and had the hands-down best voice emote which fully defined the character. Sadly, with changes to rogues, how DKs were handled in raid environments, and the horrific changes to the character models, they became unplayable. When the updated voice emotes and removing the spec that had defined the character, it was finally time to let go, nostalgia and all.

Unfortunately, another day-one char (also gnome) will be going soon for the same reasons: I can't identify with the character anymore. Just doesn't move like the character I spent so many years with; it's alien.

Wow, that leaves me with only two day-one characters still around, one being my warlock. My druid was very, very early in vanilla (first week or two, iirc) but I don't think was created day one, though my memory may be off in that regard. The other day-one...the 'character' is still around though I deleted/remade to swap class, then again later to change race (currently a warrior with a hair condition).

Yesh, talk about swimming in a nostalgia pool. For all Vanilla's and TBC's problems, the community the servers had, where your name and your guildname had meaning, where you could build a reputation and your behavior (how you acted and treated people) mattered...I miss that more than words can express.
09/30/2016 05:02 PMPosted by Bitanga
Yesh, talk about swimming in a nostalgia pool. For all Vanilla's and TBC's problems, the community the servers had, where your name and your guildname had meaning, where you could build a reputation and your behavior (how you acted and treated people) mattered...I miss that more than words can express.

That is the part I miss. Not the mechanics, or anything else actually about the actual game, but rather the outside features. No name changes, no server transfers etc. If you screwed someone over, you were screwed. You either had to re-roll or live with the consequences; and people have long memories. "Sorry, you're application to one of the only good raiding guilds on the server is denied because you ninja'd an item from from a guild mate at level 20 in shadowfang keep."

If I could get one thing about vanilla back it would be the permanence of characters. You are who your character is and there is nothing you can do about it so behave ... or deal with the consequences.
This guy has been around since closed beta vanilla
Yep! Been here since day one. My first character's still around, but they're sitting at 72-ish still.
I started up back in '06 in high school. Elly is my oldest character, originally named Pockettank on Staghelm. Stayed on Laghelm for a while until I got bored and disillusioned with a lack of fun things to do (since a 15 year old can't stay up late, and playing EST on a PST server mean raids were few and far between unless I wanted to risk serious trouble with my dad).

I swapped over to Moon Guard and found so much more fun to be had with roleplaying. Met a lot of good friends, within and without, crossed paths with various people from all kinds of things; Forums, other video games, you name it, we ran into each other by SOME weird miracle of fate. All on Moon Guard.
This is my original character from vanilla.
09/30/2016 10:33 AMPosted by Shortrange
November 2004. Frostwolf server. Queue dance, anyone?

I'll /dance to that. You help take over Frostmane too?

This was my third 60 for various reasons but my main ever since he hit 60. I did take a 4 year "break" until my friend talked me into trying Legion.
started a few months before molten core was released
dunno watch patch number that would be
so strange to think how long this game's been with me
Came in during the first open Stress Test!

I still have fond memories of entering the World of Warcraft that very first day, and looking in awe at the beauty of Teldrassil.

Running through zones far above my level as a bear. Seeing an orc. Killing an orc (or more often, killed by said orc).

Nearly my entire Dark Age of Camelot guild had transferred to WoW. I miss those people..
Started in April 2005 but never did any raids until BC when I did Kara and never was in progression for current content until Wrath.
Day 1 player....
09/30/2016 10:19 AMPosted by Nibblysenpai
I was around from Classic beta to now. I remember what ogres looked like before Dire Maul was put in.

I remember . By the end of beta pallys were gods. Or close. Then I log on to " thank you for playing, see you in retail ". Oh my character , I miss her! I think it was about a week or so until retail.
That first day we were running outta mobs. I was of course making a new pally and still have her. She's on silver hand where I began .

I remember south shore vs Tauren mills. Fresh out of dark age of Camelot , I could not understand why we weren't zerging. So I looked around and tried to blend in.
Oh well. I was on my Druid so I began to heal. Then go to stealth kitty and sneak over to horde side. To do what? I didn't know, it was all uncharted waters and like anything else new, exciting.

Im also a bank horder ....I still have exploding sheep from some level 6 or 7 quest.
Fond memories.
Still around since 1.0 - even did the Hunter quests for Lok'delar/Rok'delar back in the day.

Started about 3 months after WoW went live and have been subbed constantly.

Still enjoy the game but don'y play as much now days as RL stuff inteferes (work, sleep, social life)
I started a little after launch, my first major content patch was when BWL released.
Yep got it day one thereby ensuring that my senior year of Highschool would be an unmitigated disaster.
My original character exists, but not as he once was. Originally an Orc Shaman and now sitting as a Pandaren Shaman. This character overtook him in terms of which character I chose to be my main.

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