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So, depending on how hard you RP in your RPG, your character may have existed in a near constant state of war and conflict for years, even decades now. How do they cope? Do they have any regrets? Do they even have a home to go back to anymore?
With lots and lots of alcohol.
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So, depending on how hard you RP in your RPG, your character may have existed in a near constant state of war and conflict for years, even decades now. How do they cope? Do they have any regrets? Do they even have a home to go back to anymore?



I'm a bloody Death Knight, lady. I don't need to cope due to war and death. I relish in it.
10/02/2016 10:33 PMPosted by Junknthtrunk
With lots and lots of alcohol.

With less alcohol but more debauchery.
Oh yeah. I was supposed to take part in a war somewhere... They're probably fine. They had King Varian leading them.
If you couldn't tell by my stature, I stress eat... A lot.
Raiil here is mostly a well meaning air head (albeit a powerful one) who isn't the class leader due to the fact that everyone knew she'd refuse it if they offered it to her.

However, the fight against the Legion is personal to her; both of her parents were lavish followers of Kael'thas who died at Sunwell Plateau and her sister that she thought was dead turns out to have been trapped in Mardum.

She's having a bit of an existential crisis and is coping mostly with beer. A lot of beer.
I cope by calling my buddy Max to my side. He's a good dog that never runs out of booze. Then at night I plant Evillyne next to my bed and she serenades me to sleep with songs about zombies on my lawn
My hunter regrets somehow forgetting how to use a bow. She thought it made more sense to run up to things and poke them in the face then shoot them from afar.
As a DK? I suffer well.
Lot's of beer, egocentrism, energy drinks and sex. Oh and also killing horde...lots and lots of horde.
Kosonga holds on to the hope that one day this war will end and she will be welcomed with open arms into Stormwind where she can get all the Stormwind Brie she wants without having to loot it off Alliance corpses.
Have 3 primary ones lately..

My monk completely overhauled her life to become a monk, left every aspect of it behind. Long backstory but she had a serious problem with sha of doubt manifestations while trying to carry out her military orders in Pandaria, wasn't able to adequately carry out her orders/assignments and eventually had to be rescued by a native. From there since she was basically stuck due to the issue, she reluctantly agreed to a trade of labor help around the farm in exchange for training on how to stop having sha problems. Took of from there and emerges from Pandaria years later as a tiger style disciple, with her baggage sorted out. She is one of very few characters of mine who begins their RP with no major internal conflicts or struggles with coping in some way / with something. Makes her easier / more flexible with the random RP that makes sense for her to engage in, and makes her a good listener character which I always want one of because I like to learn about other characters' backstories IC.

My death knight is entirely and single-mindedly loyal to the Ebon Blade as a whole, and that is her coping method. No thinking, no doubts, no remembering, no sorting through complex situations or moral dilemmas. She follows orders, like a machine. Good fit as a chess piece in a military RP to help facilitate/progress others' plot arcs. Has 2 things that run a high risk of getting under her mental wall, but they are not everyday things, so they are there, if I ever decide to develop her more. Don't really like DK gameplay in Legion, though, so Idunno.

My priest is super prissy and haughty and ornery, high-maintenance, high-strung, melodramatic, etc. Not a crappy person, but somewhat ridiculous. Also kind of weird and morbid in some ways. She has a lot of depth to her background/concept but it's on tap status, mostly I think she's more comedy so far. She's my challenge character for the expansion, because one of my bad habits in RP is self-inserting too much, so I made her the polar opposite of me in a couple significant ways, so I really have to focus to keep her true to her character when RPing her. She's copes mostly with her obsessive bizarre hobby which is a big subconscious metaphor, abusing narcotics and a nostalgic musical enchantment that she plays only when she is alone.
She does stand up comedy. It's only slightly better than dealing with nightmare demons.
WoD was emotional for her.

These days she soldiers on and only occasionally thinks about saying 'screw it', dropping off all the pillars, and running back to her little mage tower in Shadowmoon Valley.

Like, only once or twice every other day or so.
I burn Blood Elf orphanages. It's relaxing.
just walk into the culling of stratholme and mess with arthas; please ignore the deathcharger i'm riding, or the swarms of ghouls I have summoned to fight for me, also please ignore the fact I am mostly dead, nothing to see here oh genius golden prince of the light.
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She does stand up comedy. It's only slightly better than dealing with nightmare demons.

"And what's the deal with the Nightfallen? Did they fall out of the night? I mean, what's up with that?"
Calazan long ago realized that he's immortal (even more immortal than the actual immortals in the game). Death never actually kills him, and any monster who claims to be able to torture his soul for eternity is just bluffing.

So, constant war is just kinda meh for him. If anyone ever kills him, he just turns into a wisp, sighs, and floats back to his body (or behind a bush or rock near where he was "killed"). All of the other people he's friends with also seem blessed with the same fortune.

As far as his Druiding, he spends an AWFUL lot of time murdering nearly defenseless animals for things like leather... or just because some person who offered a pittance of a reward asked him to. Not terribly in-line with the Druidism he grew up hearing about but, well, that's just the way the world works.

So hardened. I guess he's hardened and a little aloof.
When my character jumped of high mountain and killed himself it oddly felt right.

Honestly I have got 2 chars to level 110, I tried for others but

Profession design is dumb
Rep is dumb
WQ burn out on main, affects alts
Suramar City some areas are to unfriendly for solo play (which is ridiculous)

The first few weeks were naturally fun and exciting, but the new car smell is gone. And reality is starting to set in

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