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This is a weird one, and it's happened one time before - which seemed to be fixed by a Chrome update. Not this time!

Up until yesterday I could post, reply and upvote/downvote on the forums as normal - and then suddenly, literally when going to another topic, the option to do any of that was gone. Instead of seeing my "posting as" icon top right, I see "Your Account". And selecting "Log In" takes me to the login page where I type my email and password and, instead of being taken to the "now authenticate" page, it just reloads the "enter email and password" page with my email filled in and the password blank.

Previously when shenanigans like this started happening with the forums (once in a blue moon), I'd just hit "account management" from the app to re-log in automatically without having to deal with the authentication step. Now, that logs me into my account management just fine in Chrome, but the forums still refuse to let me log in.

So here I am in Microsoft Edge, of all things, because it's the only way I can post to report this! ;)

For the tech types over in forumland, by the way, my current version of Chrome is:

Version 54.0.2840.34 beta-m (64-bit)

(Yes, I'm on the beta channel and no, I can't just switch to the non-beta channel without complete uninstall/reinstall/etc; it should not be an issue anyway.)
Exactly the same with me, using MS edge as well (/shudder)

Was fine 12 hours ago, now chrome won't log me in just keeps me at the log in page without taking me back to the forums (not logged in either)
Running into this same issue on Chrome Beta. Using 54.0.2840.34, but it's happened before too.

Very perplexing. Hope it gets resolved soon.
Just came here to post the same issue, nice to know I'm not the only one. Phew.

Chrome on desktop (where I'm posting from now) is fine but Chromebook is a no-go.

It was actually working up until about a half-hour ago, then around that time I updated my chromebook and it started.
Same issue. Worked fine last night, today I am unable to login. Firefox/Edge work fine. Chrome doesn't.

Version 53.0.2785.116 m (64-bit)
Same issue here, keeps logging me out of the forums but when i put in my password hit enter it just takes me back to the same page with the password section empty again. Refresh a bunch of times then all of a sudden im logged back into the forums mysteriously, i am also using Chrome.
Just updated to Version 53.0.2785.143 m (64-bit) and still having the same issue.
I'm also having this issue with Chrome, and I'm posting this using Microsoft Edge.
Same here. Having to use Edge to post this.

I'm not using any kinda of beta version of Chrome.
Same. Very fustrating and it's been a good week now no end in site. Maybe Blizzard partnered with microsoft on this one. Hahaha. :D
Same issue for me. Made a bug report for it on the site late last week, because I didn't realize it was the Chrome browser, but the Bliz response I got was about the game client.

Further, by the time the ticket was answered, the problem seemed to have gone away. But this morning it's back, had to use Edge to post this.
It's been a week and still unable to log in to bnet on chrome. Anyone else still having this problem?
10/04/2016 06:42 AMPosted by Veight
Anyone else still having this problem?

Yep - over a week after my original post, still unable to log in with Chrome :-\
Same issue here, works on IE Windows 10, not Chrome...
Having the same problem here. Logged in fine literally an hour ago, then Blizzard signed me out, I suppose, and haven't been able to log in since. It'd be nice to get some feedback on this, Blizzard.
Using Chrome (desktop) won't work anymore either, so now I have to use this abomination known as Edge to post.
Add me to the pile...been dealing with this for a week or two now.
Me too...all of the above. I didn't even think about the browser until I found this thread in a Google search and had to fire up Firefox to post. Very very strange behavior!
I have also not been able to logon from Chrome since the new forums were implemented. When I enter my credentials the site pauses for a moment then loops me back to the logon screen.

For me it seems to somehow be related to the AdBlock extension for Chrome. If I disable that extension, then completely close all Chrome processes before going back to the website, I am able to successfully login to my account on the forums.

Adding "" to the site exception list did not correct the problem, only disabling the extension does.
We've been looking into this issue, and are expecting a fix in the next Chrome release (54).

More details here:
10/07/2016 10:25 AMPosted by Grotako
We've been looking into this issue, and are expecting a fix in the next Chrome release (54).

More details here:

Awesome! Thanks for getting a fix and letting us know.

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