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The following below is from Minxy of the EU-Bladefist server:

I think it's been enough now - Legion has been a mess for Blood DK's. Our spec is a complete mess - it functions "okay" inside raids, we aren't dying sure, but we have a plethora of mechanical issues that need to be solved. Some of them can be hotfixed away and some of them can't, but I think they need to be acknowledged and dealt with. There is a very large amount of pessimism in the community about the current state of Blood, but most of the top Blood DKs seem to have called it quits and most of the active discussion is being hidden behind whining or is locked away in Troxism's thread on MMOC.

I want to ask my fellow Blood DKs to attempt to be a catalyst for change - Warlocks have had their soul shard issues fixed so surely we can have some of our core mechanical issues fixed too. What I ask of you is to take this thread to the US forums (I will post it on the EU forums) and encourage an active, open discussion on both forums to engage the developers about our issues - incessant whining is not really valued feedback. I also won't be coming at this from a "we don't heal/DPS enough" standpoint because those are irrelevant, separate issues that can be fixed in balancing patches.

I'll try to keep my points short and concise, there are a plethora of issues with the class but many, many of them require a redesign rather than something that can be fixed NOW and HERE.

Bone Shield

Bone Shield is our primary source of "active mitigation", our activate mitigation flagging is currently fine, both MR and DS proc "Recently Death Striked" so we are fine on active mitigation checks unlike the past when we had major problems on some bosses (i.e Raden). Now however, we are facing a separate issue with boss incidental AoE and DoTs. The kind of thing I am referencing here is the incidental AoE from Cenarius and pretty much any DoT in the game which is designed to be annoying but not lethal.

Other tanks are simply not effected in the way we are by these DoTs because Bone Shield ticks down from them even if we are not actively tanking, forcing us to spam Marrowrend to keep Bone Shield up and reducing our HPS/DPS output while moving/kiting/offtanking/tanking slow attackers far beneth the level that any other tank experiences. My suggestion to fix this problem is the same as Troxism - just simply not having your Bone Shield be consumed by any damage over time or AoE effects from bosses and trash. If that's too much, just have them only flag Bone Shield once over their duration, so it removes 1 charge from the Bone Shield. This would fix so many of the issues that we're currently having, i.e Necrotic, Cenarius, Ursoc ect.

Damage Reduction

Now, I understand that blizzard have tried to de-homogenize tanks and I appreciate the effort to do so, Blood feels thematically good to me but the way this translates into a raiding environment is poor. Cenarius makes this clear more so then any boss. We can get an external cooldown of course to make our pools smaller, we can talent Rune Tap too, but at the end of the day, any other tank will have a superior option available plus the option to still have that external, making DKs pretty horrible at dealing with this even if we do change talents. I have a pretty simple suggestion to fix this, it will fix the Cenarius issue and bring some coherence back to the spec with the ability to personally mitigate damage.

I propose that Dancing Rune Weapon, instead of giving us 40% parry should give us 40% physical damage reduction. This change would still roughly reduce the damage we take by the same amount, on average but make it usable for physical boss mechanics while we still have AMS remaining for magical mechanics. It keeps the theme of Dancing Rune Weapon the same as it's helping us to glance attacks away thus reducing the damage we take and it remains about the same strength of cooldown, so nothing is really added or lost from the class.

2 simple changes which don't really require numbers to be nerfed or buffed. I think both will go a long way to improving the current standing of Blood DK while still keeping the theme that Blizzard has created for it. There are many, many more issues lying around but I believe they are the kind of issues that should be fixed in an expansion or major patch rather than being able to be hotfixed in.

Some active discussion on the issue would be great, and as I said, if we can get this onto the EU and US forums and get some good, tangible feedback based on people's personal perspectives and objective fact that would be great! If we resort to just whining, our feedback will not be taken as constructive.

- Yours, a concerned Blood DK

more discussion on it here:
09/23/2016 02:24 PMPosted by Daemonsurgo
Warlocks have had their soul shard issues fixed

I agree with this. I was having massive issues last night on Heroic Peter Parker because the web link and DoTs from the adds were chewing through my Bone Shield faster than I could put it up.
09/23/2016 02:30 PMPosted by Wilhame
09/23/2016 02:24 PMPosted by Daemonsurgo
Warlocks have had their soul shard issues fixed


Yeah, I know... It wasn't me that wrote that, but an acquaintance on the EU server.

Frankly, my standpoint at the moment is:

Are Blood DK's meant to have their active mitigation chipped away even when not actively tanking? Or is this an unforseen bug? I haven't ever noticed anything definitive on the matter.

Either way, as you can plainly see, I've given up waiting for an answer from the devs, so I rerolled and left my two Death Knights rotting away at level 100 still.
I may not have stepped foot in Heroic or Mythic + yet, but I still feel the effects of the Blood revamp. If I time a Death Strike well and get a massive heal off, I would like to have a resulting shield that at least lasts 2 or 3 seconds against a trash pull, and not instantly get gobbled up. I like that the heal is no longer AP based, but our Mastery is so low that Death Strike is for the heal only now, when in WoD I could get up to 1 million absorbs while soloing. Now apparently that's for warriors only.

As far as defensive CDs go, it felt bad to get my health wrecked by M Smashspite the first week, just because I don't have IBF or baseline Rune Tap anymore. I did kill him, but it felt bizzarre, Blood formerly having a CD for everything, now limping by with 3, only 2 of which help on physical damage.

I have not touched raiding as Blood so I cannot talk about Bone Shield really, and I main DPS, so I doubt I will besides LFR for satchels/AP.

PS why the heck can I not track The Maw Must Feed? Seems kind of petty to hide that from addons.
I've never played blood in a progression sense so I can't speak on that part. Yet blood feels nothing like it did in that I get ripped apart by mobs that before would barely put a scratch on me.

Maybe I am just doing it wrong but it just feels so weak for a tank.
pls halp
I was thinking over all the reasons why Blood felt weak last night and it really came down to our Blood Shield being really ineffective. So I tried to come up with solutions to it but I really couldn't justify keeping it as is.

Instead, I thought of an entirely new mastery mechanic. "Expose Life", a debuff that can be applied by Blood Plague which allows us to Leech a portion of all damage we deal and turn that Leech into Blood Shielding. It would certainly be better than what we have now.

Of course, I doubt my idea will ever be taken into consideration. I'm just some random guy on the forums.
The changes to bone shield and removal of IBF have been my biggest concern since the pre-patch changes.

As bone shield sits it gets ate up insanely fast on any encounter with a dot or aoe mechanic. It makes no sense having to spam marrowrend to keep mitigation up and sacrifice everything else in your rotation. There are very simple changes that could be made to resolve the issue and not make blood better than any other tanks IE 1 charge used per dot application or putting a cd on charges used per dot application vs ticks taken.

With IBF being removed our only button to push in a jam is vampiric blood which is nice healing with the artifact weapon skills but there is no replacement for mitigation as a tank. That being said bone shield in it's current state doesn't cut it alone. Changing dancing rune weapon as many people have stated would correct this issue easily. DRW right now is basically used for a threat/dps boost and the parry is a bonus that rarely is the purpose intended when a DK uses the ability.
I mean i am only level 106 on my blood dk but i really do want to understand why my deathstrike heals me more than my artifact does. actually maybe i don't want to know cause then they might nerf it... forget your saw anything.. this post doesn't exist..
I've been running dungeons and even on normal which haven't really been an issue, I've noticed the one time I died during the Halls of Valor was with what seemed like an inexperienced healer and a slight overpull of the wolves near Fenrir. I pulled 5, I think which was a lot for my gear level (I was something like 780 or so at the time) at 110 and even though I admit I got a little spammy and ahead of my runes...

After popping DRW on the pull, Consumption a few seconds into the pull to utilize the healing component, Bonestorm and VB before a double DS... I realized that while I was doing my best to heal through the damage... and I did okay. After overhealing, I did about 91k hps for the instance (total healing for the instance was just over 143k hps).

Point being was that when it mattered, I didn't have the damage mitigation that would make the healing matter...enough.

If DRW were on a 2min CD and were a split 20% physical dmg reduction/20% parry increase... that would be a really welcome change because there are plenty of attacks that can't be parried that are physical.

If that were the case, I might still blow DRW on the pull, but I might not if I knew at some point I'd actually need a non-magical CD.

Honestly, I'm loving the DK so far and leveling Blood has been a blast including dungeons.

But it's also pretty clear that as I try to push content and try harder pulls that our limits are evident and striking.

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