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So, as I was doing the quests for my second 110 today, I realized something odd that Xe'ra said. It said that Light's Heart was just a vessel and that it had to be prepared to house Illidan's Soul. This got me wondering: Is Illidan coming back as a Naaru? Now, this lead me to an even bigger question and it's probably total nonsense.

If Illidan is going to come back as a Naaru, what does that say about the Titans and the Old Gods? We know, from Xe'ra, that the Titans are dead (technically it says "fallen") at Sargeras' hand. We also know that the Light and Shadow are different sides of the same coin. So, consider this:

What if the Titans contracted the Curse of the Flesh and became the Old Gods as a result, so Sargeras had to put them down. Lock them away until a cure could be found. If the Naaru have an opposite form in the Void, the Titans might as well. What if Alganon was basically the immune system for the planet/egg that is Azeroth and that we're the infection?

If so, then what would Illidan's role be as a Naaru reborn? Or what if he's not really a Naaru, but a Demon of Light? There's a Nathrezim that wields the Light as a Paladin. What if Illidan becomes infused with a Naaru's Light the way he was infused with the fel energies of the Skull of Guldan? The child of Darkness and Light.

Now here's the real kicker. Would that put him, in terms of sheer power, on par with Sargeras? The Naaru have been proven to be incredibly powerful. But would an incredibly potent Mage turned Demon Hunter, infused with Fel Energies and bathed in the Light be enough?

What if with all of this power, Illidan, through a time warp of some sort, actually turns out to be Sargeras?
The Titans are definitely NOT the Old Gods.

Read 'Chronicle' it explains a lot of stuff that has happened in the background over the millennias.

And Illidan is Sargeras? no, no, no

I'm all for fan theories but this is just way too crazy
Illidan is Azeroth #mindblown #illidan2016
Turns out I was more right than I thought I was.

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