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Hi everyone!

I've found a few threads on cross-realm stuff and what's possible and what's not, but I am still confused about one thing:

Can you do normal/heroic raids cross-server (not through LFG)? I read something about it only being the case with mythic difficulty raids, but I'm not sure if that's still true for Legion?

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a tank, do hit me up. ;P
You can do Normal and Heroic raids cross-realm no problem, and yes, this is separate from LFR. Simply use the Group Finder tool to set up or join a group.

You CANNOT do Mythic Legion raids cross-realm...yet. Later on the expansion, they will include previous-tier Mythic raids as cross-realm capable.
Yes you can raid with cross realm groups. It will be hosted on the team leaders servers. Mythic difficulty is included, but not immediately. Historically mythic became cross realm once the next tier released. And the final raid of the expansion was made cross realm once it was nerfed with Legion on the horizon.

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