Spriest buffed overall!!!

The MH nerf was originally intended for this tuesday's hotfix. it was removed from the notes, it had not gone through yet. the previous set of notes which was originally intended for this tuesday, were heavily amended. they specifically stated they would not be touching it

Mind Sear damage increased by 80% and Insanity generation increased by 50%.
Mind Flay damage increased by 20%.
Mind Spike damage increased by 28%.
Void Ray maximum stacks reduced to 4.
Developers’ Notes: Given the damage increase to Mind Sear, Mind Flay, and Mind Spike, this still results in an overall increase to the value of the talent.
Voidform stacks no longer increase while Dispersion is active.
Developers’ Notes: We would prefer that Surrender to Madness not be as dominant as it is, and that it can’t be extended for quite so long. However, addressing this further would require significant changes to the spec beyond what we want to do in a tuning pass at this time. We will look for an opportunity to take a more comprehensive look at this issue in a future patch."

as per the most current notes

this post also contains the set of original patch notes with redacted lines
09/26/2016 08:18 PMPosted by Codez
I didn't read anything saying that MH nerf got reverted, maybe I read it wrong. So the old hotfix notes don't coincide with these at all?

This update doesn't address MH, but it looks like the 9/23 hotfix notes now have the MH line crossed out as if they are already reverted in-game. Fumbling around with rapid-fire fixes and rollbacks doesn't give a lot of confidence that they know what they're trying to fix in the first place.

09/27/2016 05:29 AMPosted by Rölder
this is actually a huge buff to our Mythic+ viability and overall damage.
A 50% buff to MS was almost universally snubbed as irrelevant, an extra 30% is not game-changing. It and MF are still a tiny percentage of our damage. I am not throwing a party yet. Mind Spike is still useless. LotV is still only beneficial by reducing wasted insanity. STM isn't the problem that needs to be addressed, the other 2 talents are.
I am so happy they listed to us. I hope they understand how thankful we are. I just hope the future rework isnt a nerf.
I for one am quite pleased at the result versus what we were looking at.
STM being on the discussion table is quite a bit of good news.

Guess i can take my finger off the unsub button lol.
Good Luck fellow priesties make the most of it and look forward to 7.1 at least for the 10%
Anyone know if shadow form is still going to give 10% damage taken reduction in 7.1?

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