[A] <Eternal> Expanding, adding DPS

Antonidas and Uldum
Raid days are Tuesday and Thursday start time is 7pm end time is 10pm Pacific. Current progression is Spellblade on heroic.
Guild website is woweternal.enjin.com (doesn't get much use thanks to discord). We use Discord voice chat. Our loot system is KSK. We don't recruit often because we're old, stubborn and like our smaller group. Our good friend, a stand in everything hunter, and his wife are expecting twins any day now and we're setting him free because we love him and hope one day he comes back to us as the old saying goes.

We aren't doubling up any dps classes at the moment and are considering any dps inquirees. We have terrific tanks and marginal healers. DPS is what we seek. Mages, Hunters, Boomkins, DK, Shadow Priest are specific classes not on the roster currently. I don't even care what spec you play, just don't be terrible at it.

Our raid goals are to clear content on Heroic. A good majority of us have put in enough time with hardcore raiding at in TBC and Wrath and have decided to not step into Mythic modes. Having those roots in hardcore raiding creates a great atmosphere for raiding in that we have high expectations for our raid members and we know how to help each other get to the finish line. Having long time raid veterans allows us to talk things out on the fly and change a strat in the moment and most the time avoid a wipe (key phrase is most the time!).
Our charter requires a minimum age of 18. We'd much rather see 20+ or 30+.
An excellent sense of humor is a prerequisite. Thick skin is a must. We give each other a pretty hard time when we mess up but it's all in fun and no harm is ever intended. We expect the best from each other on raid night and push each other to get it without sacrificing self worth and dignity.

Please check out our website and consider adding your skill and personality to our roster. Thank you.
09/28/2016 06:48 AMPosted by Ryar
We use mumble voice chat.

We no longer use mumble as our primary voice chat. We've switched to Discord.
Open dps spots for heroic focused raid team. Any solid applicants welcome.
Picked up a Demon Hunter (FINALLY!!!). We could use some ranged dps, specifically the Hunter, Mage, and Boomkin types.

Progress update,
7/7 Heroic EN
2/3 Normal ToV

Our group size is pretty steady at 13 but would like to get closer to 15-18.
Still no plans to pursue Mythic raiding.

We'd love to add a couple more dps before Nighthold releases so we have some time to work on group dynamics before we jump into raid mechanics!
Don't know if you'd still be looking, but I run a Worgen DK spec'd to either DPS or tank; currently with a guild that doesn't do anything. Tag is beeffreeboy#1353
Updated main post for an easier read and to avoid multiple posts.

Finished up normal Nighthold a while back, been plugging away at heroic. Working on Spellblade.
4/10 Heroic NH. Months behind I know. Should get 6/10 this week. Still looking for some ranged dps and a healer.
6/10 H NH
10/10 H NH

Still looking for dps and a Druid or Shaman healer.
Terrible Raiders is a better guild
05/22/2017 12:07 PMPosted by Kéndall
Terrible Raiders is a better guild

I dunno man, it doesn't sound like it. Could be false advertising though I dunno for sure.
Preparing for ToS and still looking for dps.
are you guys looking for 2 healers?
monk - I can play any role... pref healer tho
We're not really. At least until we add some more dps. Running 3 healers with about 13 people average right now. Not to say we couldn't shuffle some things if we wanted to. We should talk about it.
Hey Ryar could you please reach out to me at Sinalthor#1324
Reach out sent.
Anyone in the raid team that can teach me to mage?
Just Gigs but he just knows how to ice block.
8/9 N ToS. Still adding DPS.
8/9 N ToS as of Thursday... I missed my ice block and must have ice lanced enough.

Anyone interested can also contact any of our roster for a quick add or an initial discussion. We're not picky, just show up and do more dps than ice block does... you'll make the team no question.

(don't listen to ryar, the tenth boss he's looking at is the microwaved burrito he had at lunch... long fight, bad odds.)

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