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10/18/2016 05:49 PMPosted by Zyco
I get this sinking feeling that we're going to get a response similar to frost mages, where Blizzard has decided that Assassin was meant to be the top spec and buffing us would hurt their precious feelings. I look forward to the disappointment.

But...we're the spec with the hurt feelings. Mut can shove it.
Cap increased. Haven't heard anything - looking more like tomorrow on this one.
ty for cap increase. As I said, we will be here, waiting.
Yep. Thanks for letting us know. Quiet night is quiet and we'll be looking forward to whatever we get tomorrow.
outlaw needs major redesign asap , please
Was there a red sky anywhere this evening? I'll be sleeping with my seatbelt on tonight.
Please let it be good news i'm sick of getting rejected from mythic's. I'm getting to the point of wondering why do I even bother logging into my rogue anymore if i'm just going to be kicked around in pve and pvp.
I think I might just retire my rogue at this point. It's not fun. I don't like the 2 other specs... I don't like the "fantasy" of a dagger rogue.

Outlaw is trash in both single target and AOE, in both pve and PVP, but we don't get any news or hotfixes except for nerfs. Other classes get their nerfs reverted and we just get nothing.
10/18/2016 06:16 PMPosted by Ornyx
Cap increased. Haven't heard anything - looking more like tomorrow on this one.
Unfortunate, but all good. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
Thanks for communicating with us though, it's a lot more reassuring to have that at least. The most frustrating part of this whole scenario was just when none of the devs or CM's were saying anything.
So is it normal to be a bit lower than alot of people in DPS as Outlaw right now? Single Target that is?
Well Ornyx I appreciate the Valor of sticking your head in here, I also appreciate you submitting the questions or responses to the developers, but we went thru this wash cycle already and they said nothing, forgive us for being pessimistic, we only have more numbers that represent our concerns, less Outlaw Rogues now then when this thread was started, and more frustration playing and competing as well as helping our guilds progress.

It feels like were dealing with Khan Noonien Singh,

Let them eat static.
Thanks for keeping us updated Ornyx.
I finally reached 860+ iLvl (861 now), and Heroic EN/Mythic+ wont accept me "because i'm Outlaw"...

Its really awesome though the support from Community Managers, and the Outlaw rogue population as a whole, as few as we are now due to the amount of people switching.
What concerns me is how EVERY outlaw rogue knew that the nerfs that were being suggested in 7.0.3 would destroyed Outlaw long term, but apparently nobody at Blizzard was able to see it.

There were many complaints, and blizzard basically said "no it will be fine" and less then a month later, theyre saying "hmm, maybe something might be wrong, since nobody is playing this spec anymore."
We need to stop giving the community managers crap. The silence is coming from the devs who won't communicate with them - the brain isn't telling the mouth what to say. They are in the same boat as us only it is affecting them doing their jobs properly. Must be a frustrating job :(

Would have loved to hear some news before Heroic EM farm night :(
props to onyx to show his face today, even if it was only to say that he is still waiting for news, at least it shows you got some B!#$!. appreciate it
10/18/2016 06:16 PMPosted by Ornyx
Cap increased. Haven't heard anything - looking more like tomorrow on this one.

Thx for letting us know.
Look forward to hearing back from you tomorrow Ornyx. I was hoping to get some more details, but nonetheless, thank you for the update.

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