[H] Well Equipped - 5/10mythic

About us:

Well Equipped is a guild on Barthilas, consisting of ex-hardcore raiders looking to have a chill time doing legion content. Our current progress is 5/10 mythic NH - 7/7 Mythic EN.


Chill raid, kill boss, get loots.


- Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin

- Any exceptional dps feel free to apply
- Priority Shadow priest, Fury War, Frost DK

Raid times
Wed, Thurs, Mon
8:30-11:30pm (GMT+10, AEST)

If you're interested in joining contact Mightybulk#6352, Eleanor#1630, Scudstorm#1931, Tred#1261
Hey there, if you're still looking for people im an 845 ret paladin and would be keen for a trial.
bump still lfm
still looking
Bump, LFM Big DPS
ursoc down
Bump, 2 mythic bosses down this week, 3/7M. LF exceptional raiders, especially Spriests, Warlocks and Mages.
4/7M now, LF exceptional raiders, especially cloth dps.
Hey there,i am looking for a mythic progress guild,I have added you on bnet,Looking forward to have a chat.
Still looking
Interested if looking for a Fury warrior. Will add you
bump, still looking, Il'gynoth down
Cenarius down, xavius will fall next raid
Xavius down, helya heroic and beyond next
7/7M 3/3H, LFM, especially spriests, arms warrior and resto druid/shaman

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