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Muradin and Nordrassil
Just started playing Horde at the beginning of Legion and am looking for a guild to get involved with. I have been playing on and off since beta but I haven't raided much, I've mostly spent my time in BG's with friends. I currently have 110 warlock and DH and am working on druid.

My current problem is I can't focus on one character while flying solo all the time. I'd like to find a guild that I can do content with, that likes to do BGs also.

I have a mic vent, ts, discord, gamevox, mumble, and skype. I'm on everyday and most nights.

I'd like to focus on my warlock, but I am willing to work on my other 100s DH, rogue, shaman and druid.
If you think you have what it takes and willing to go Alliance we would love to give you a shot. Do not let your class not listed below worry you, if you are a good player that is all we need. We do bg a little bit as well, even have a former gladiator!

<Is About To Die> is recruiting for our raid team in Emerald Nightmare. We are currently 1/7H. Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 - 10:30 CST. We need a few more top notch dps for our team. Any exceptional player will be considered. What we are currently needing is:

Plate Dps
Enhance Shaman
Shadow Priest

We are a tight knit group that on average have played the game for over 7 - 8 years. We come from hardcore environments but real life has caught up with us and have to play at a more casual pace. We play more than just wow together including a few diamond League of Legends players and a top 500 Overwatch player.

If you want a group that raids light but plays hard, we might be the group you are looking for. No application. Just whipser me in game or post here and one of us will get with you. Thanks!
Don't play on this server.

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