Lost Insanity

Hydraxis and Terenas
Hey Terenas/Hydraxis,
Lost Insanity is a starting up semi-hardcore guild looking for a few more dps to complete our raids. We are a group of 6 friends who have hardcore and semi-hardcore raiding pasts.

This week we did EN 7/7 N and 1/7 H. We have been bringing our tanks & healers, and a few of our dps.

We have had to pug some dps since we do not currently have enough people to do guild only. We are looking for solid people esp DPS, but would take more healers & tanks so we could expand our raid past 15 people.

Our raid times currently are Tuesday 5-9 server (7-11est) Sunday 4-8 server (6-10 EST) and Monday 5-9 Server(7-11est). Besides those days we are running mythic+ the other days to gear up people.

If you are interested please contact Ziansheng@terenas Daerth@terenas or Wafflecrew@terenas.

I just came back few days ago and am in the process of leveling I havent played in about 6 months but am back and plan on staying active if I am able to find a raiding group. Currently I plan on playing warlock destro/demon and am leveling should be max and ready in a week or so since I want to take my time and see all the new stuffs. I will try to contact your group in game soon hopefully our goals jive and we can help one another out, either way good luck to you and yours.

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