help with macro please

UI and Macro
I need help figuring out a macro. I just want a buff cast before a spell.

I would like to cast
"incarnation: chosen of elune"

"full moon"

Two problems though. the fist time you cast the moon spell it's "new moon", then the second time it's "half moon", then "full moon". I only want the "inarnation" buff to cast before "full moon" and still use the one macro for the other two with out the buff.

The second problem is that the whole macro is subject to the 3 minute cool down of the buff.

basically i just want my "new moon" spell to do the same thing as always. Just rotate through the three moon phases, except i want it to cast "incarnation: Chosen of elune" before the "full moon phase" unless elune buff is on cool down and then just cast "full moon". and i don't want the buff cool down to stop any of the three moon phases.

Can this all be sorted out in one macro? I used to program in different languages but don't have time to study another one right now. i would think there is a way cast a spell based on the status of another.

Is there a different way to achieve what i want?

In general you will not be able to cast a spell based upon the status of another spell, otherwise, we would all be pushing one button with 100 conditional statements. If Incarnation was off the global cooldown, then you could create a macro to attempt to cast it before each moon spell without failing to cast said moon spell, but that isn't your goal (obviously).

This is a cooldown you are going to need (and should want) to manage. Casting it before each Full Moon has its effectiveness, but lining up this cooldown with other burst effects (like troll berserking) will yield the best results.
thanks. I've studied my character a few times as i got better at the rotation. I will search for youtube videos to perfect it.

After i posted this i went to a macro guide and the first thing it said is you can't cast spell based on conditions of other spells. This makes sense.

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