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MM single target DPS is already middle of the pack at best, and that's only in the hands of the top players. Yet Aimed Shot is getting a 5% nerf. So what is the reasoning behind the continued unjustified nerfs to Hunters?
Hey guys, I saw someone's plea to extend the post length here, so I've done so. Have at it and get your questions in! Twelve more days til Blizzcon!
What will be done to keep Kara 5-man relevant as players out-gear it with EN, ToV, and mythic+ gear? Could we see Kara having mythic+ wings in the future?
it we'll be possible to purchase the pvp appearances from season 1 of legion when it ends, with marks of honor? and related, right now the droprate of them its pretty low (1 mark so far since the prepatch), any plans to buff them or add other sources?
Do you feel Tank DPS is a good place after the 10% damage reduction?
1) Any chances to get Mythic + version of Karazhan and Violet hold ?
2) Plans to add a grind system to get Legendaries?
With artifact power currently designed, what is Blizzard doing about spec balancing and re-balancing to prevent wasted AP being used on one weapon and then having to change specs due to re-balancing? Example; at the start of the expac, Fury was the best choice, now Arms is the better, Marksman/Beast mastery. We should have the AP for all weapons/specs when we earn it and not be limited, whatever spec we wish to play on a given class. You are forcing players to make a choice of one over the other and I for one play all specs and classes. Alts are also at a real disadvantage.
Posted by Aerythlea (Community Manager)

Considering the WoW development team consists of hundreds of people, it is very likely that there is at least one person on the team playing your class and spec.

Given that the WoW development team consists of hundreds of people, why does it take so long to get any traction on class balance? This is the era where a single modder in his garage is releasing day 1 patches for issues that elude developers for months in other games. Yet with "hundreds of people" we see obligatory talent rows and specs remaining useless and unusable for more than 6 weeks. From an outsider's perspective, it's frustrating that a modder can do in hours for free what paid teams of "hundreds of people" cannot manage in weeks.

Why is this?
Are there any plans to buff BM's single target damage? At the moment its so bad that there were less than 2k BM hunters parsing in mythic EN at last check. MM has received several tuning passes and its ST damage is on average 20% - 30% higher than BM's.
What's next for features that help bring like minded, similar skilled players together to achieve their goals, and to reduce the "friction" that comes with setting up/leading groups? Examples in the past: LFG tool, personal loot fixes, flex raiding, X-realm grouping.
Context: As a pure DPS class, it's frustrating to not be able to queue for multiple dungeon types (normal, heroic, holiday) at the same. As DPS is the most plentiful character role in the game, the consecutive wait times sometimes feels punishing.

Question: Why does this limitation or restriction exist in the dungeon finder? Will it ever change to allow concurrent queuing for multiple dungeon types?
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Sub-races. When?
Context: Mists of Pandaria introduced Scenarios. A scenario was designed for three players of any role to be able to complete. Later in the expansion, this concept was iterated further to include heroic scenarios: higher difficulty, better item level rewards, and requiring a pre-formed group. Scenarios were, overall, well-received by the community: both for easing the bottleneck in accessible content created by the smaller available pool of tanks and healers, and for storytelling. However, the MoP scenario design appears to have been discarded while scenario technology continues to be utilized in the game.

Question: Will MoP-style scenarios make a return to the game? If not, why?
I used to have a signature here. The Shattering... shattered it. Please don't step on the pieces.
Why is it we are allowed to xmog appearances to have our characters appear titillating and/or functionally naked whilst geared enough for raiding, but fun/cool appearances such as Vile Fumigator Mask, Hallow's End Sister hats, and various fish-shaped weapons and off-hands are verboten?
When can we expect region-wide guilds?
Some PvP related questions...
- First, about shadow priests in particular, they are having trouble against most melee classes (I know 2v2s/Duels/World pvp isn´t supposed to be balanced) But any plans to adress this? Maybe seeing void tendrils or something like spectral guise make a return would help? Or mind bomb not replacing fear?
- How do you feel about the damage overall? How soon(tm) can we expect another pass at the pvp templates?
- Do you like all the PvP talents currently? Seeing that some of them are rarely used (Looking at you Reanimation...) do you think we´ll get another pass at them sometime in the near future?
- Are you ok with the duration and amount of Crowd Control effects currently in the game after the prune? and the amount of CCs some classes have availible?
- Talking about mobility, do you think it´s in a good place overall? do you think that the damage the more mobile classes are dealing is in the right place?
Priest class fantasy: why didn't Elune, An'she and the Loa get an invitation? Priests used to have the most diverse class interpretation from race to race, but now it feels like the Light and the Naaru cannibalized everything.
With so much RNG this expansion, would you consider implementing mechanics that balance out the RNG bad luck aspect like Diablo 3 did? For example, Diablo 3's enchant/reforge, Kanai's Cube upgrade rare, reroll set-piece.
Are you considering adding the scaled zone level experience from legion levelling, to the rest of azoreth?
Tank balance??? Brewmaster Monk and Blood Death Knight are a bit rough. Plans to help in this area?

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