Does Aman'Thul's Wisdom work properly?

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I have the legendary Resto Druid shoulders Aman'Thul's wisdom and I don't believe that the legendary effect is working as intended.

The effect description states; "Rejuvenation cast on a full health target will reset to its full duration each time it heals the target, until the target takes damage or 10 sec has elapsed."

When I put this effect to the test I see that it works just fine, on myself. The duration timer on Rejuvenation resets several times before it begins to count down. Germination experiences the same effect, on myself.

When I try to test the effect on another friendly target though, the duration of Rejuvenation only resets once before the timer begins to decrease, while germination is unaffected. (I've tested it in every possible situation, party member, raid member, non-party member. The same every time)

The effect description suggests that Rejuvenation should essentially last an extra 10 seconds on full health targets, but in practice it only actually does on myself.

Is this bugged? Is this working as intended? I would like to know.
After the update I set out to test these shoulders again and I've found that Rejuvenation itself may be bugged.

The tooltip says it should last 18 seconds. With my artifact talents taken into account, it should last 21 seconds. When I cast Rejuvenation on anybody, the initial duration is reading at 17 seconds (I assume its 17.59) and it should be 21 seconds. Same goes for Germination.

With Aman'thul's equipped, Rejuvenation, cast on myself, is still starting at 17 seconds and refreshing at 15 seconds. Except it's refreshing to 21 seconds, after which it ticks down to 16 seconds and then refreshes back to 21 once more, then it counts all the way down. My Rejuvenation is healing me every 3 seconds, meaning Aman'Thul's should cause it to reset every 3 seconds for 10 seconds (3 refreshes) in this case it's lasting longer than it should, giving me 2 extra rejuvenation ticks. This is all the same for Germination.

When I cast on another player though Rejuvenation starts at 17 seconds, ticks down to 12, refreshes to 16, ticks to 14, refreshes to 16 once more before counting all the way down. In this case, my artifact talent is completely irrelevant, and I'm only getting two refreshes. Germination is unaffected by Aman'Thul's or the Persistence artifact talent on friendly targets.

All of the above was tested sitting in The Dreamgrove. In the three mythics I've done since the update I've noticed that Rejuvenation on party members seems to only refresh once after half the duration has passed. Germination is still unaffected.

Overall, the effect of Persistence is not working, and the effect of Aman'Thul's is KINDA half working. What I expected from Aman'Thul's is for Rejuvenation cast on a full health target to refresh every time it heals them. (18 > 15 > 18 > 15 ....) for 10 seconds or until they take damage.

tl;dr: Aman'Thul's legendary effect is buggy and doesn't effect Germination and the artifact talent Persistence isn't working.
I can confirm, Aman'thul's Wisdom is not working properly. Persistence only works on second cast to me.
In the same boat, not working as intended on anyone but myself and even then it's hit and miss.
So we've got three confirmations that Aman'Thul's Wisdom is not working as intended.

Persistance is also not working.
Not working properly on me either. I think it has something to do with the Persistence. Blizzard lease fix this BUG!
Imo the fact that Persistence isn't working is a bigger issue than Aman'Thul's. That's a lot of wasted AP on a great talent that isn't working.
I was wrong about persistence. The tooltip gets updated from 15 seconds to 18 when you have the talent.

Aman'Thul's is still not working properly though, and it jumping to 21 seconds on myself is another symptom of the effect being buggy
It's working now albeit a bit strangely. Rejuvenation refreshes around 16 seconds, up to 21 seconds, ticks back down to 16, and then refreshes back up to 21 seconds one more time before ticking all the way down.

I'm not too sure how to figure out the total extra up time, but it seems like an extra 10 seconds or more of Rejuvenation and Germination on full health targets.
I have both Aman'Thul's and Tearstone of Elune, the legendary ring that may proc extra Rejuvs on my Wild Growth targets, and these Rejuvs get no benefit from the shoulders.

I wonder if the 4 piece bonus will benefit from Aman'Thul's, but I guess it wont.

Aman'Thul's Wisdom is not even that good, if it wouldnt work on all Rejuvs its even worse, just a 940 stat stick.

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