How many 110's do you have?

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Mage, Rogue, Druid, Warrior, DK, Hunter, Shaman and soon this monk.
3 and one at 107 I should have up today

It feels like a slog imo. Probably because we spend so much time in the same zones as there are only 4.
I have 3. All at 840+ ilvl bc i just pvp on them. My main being an ele sham :'( and the other two are boomkin and ww monk/mw.
but that's okay with me, Dimeni is my main and I'm perfectly fine with where I am working on her right now :)
I have 12 110 characters, one of each class. 6 tanks and 6 DPS that all hit max level within 48 hours or so of each other.

It was my initial project for this expansion, and I took my time and relaxed doing it.

I also obtained all 36 legendaries within a week or so using the correct matching specialization after I set up their keybinds and buttons on my 10 button WoW Legendary mouse.
4 so far.

first was feral/resto druid. leveled to 110, geared to 850, got bored and then...
switched to my rogue. leveled to 110, geared to 850, realized outlaw sucked and then...
switched to my warrior. leveled to 110, geared to 850, got 2 legendaries to drop, realized prot isnt really a lot of fun outside of group content and then...
leveled this hunter to 110, geared to 850, and now...

I pretty much just play the warrior and hunter. The druid was disappointingly boring to play. The rogue was ok until it was nerfed and now my energy regen moves at a snail's pace. That really sucks, cuz the rogue has been my main since Wrath. But now its not really that fun in any spec. Assassin is still the boring 3 button spec it has always been. Sub is ok, but i really just dont enjoy the playstyle, and losing all the control options pretty much broke the spec.

Feels kinda like im stuck playing the warrior cuz that alt was lucky enough to get 2 legendary items in one week.
only 3, and it is going to stay that way until heirlooms get upgraded up to lvl 110
Three so far, and two 105s. Waiting for a few buffs before going back to my afflic warlock.
I am on my 5
I have a Death Knight to 110. Took me way to long to pick a class for the expansion. Now I am just doing world quests and building up my AK.

I am now looking to start leveling a second class. I want to play my DH but I fear I will get bored of melee DPS, although DH and Unholy DK play wildly differently. Maybe level a Priest or a Warlock. Not sure... But I do know I want a second class to play around with while I build resources on my DK.
Just finished up with my Hunter last night so that makes 3. Haven't decided what to do next. I've got every class already at 100 so it's just a matter of what I want to mess around with next.
As of last night - 2

This girl here, and my Shammy Lavabrit.
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This is my 3rd... it was painful, today I spent 8 hours grinding from 106-110(I leveled as Holy) but at least it's finally done! xD

I don't really get why anyone would level as a healing spec, honestly.

I'm beginning to think that now it's just a troll to say this.

You guys know #$@%^ good and well why....
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Just one, waiting for flight or some type of catch up mechanic before i touch the alts.

I initially planned to follow this same strat . However, Once I get them to 110 (outside of doing daily emissary cache), I basically park them and build up their AK so that leveling up the artifact weapons will be pretty smooth. Most of the 5 are at AK 7 with the warrior being at AK5 currently.

I will have to try that. As of now I have no alts due to the grind.
One at the moment.

I might level my hunter in the next week or so.
3. mage, druid, priest.

i've gotten extremely bored nothing to do but rep grind, grind out mythic+ which nobody really wants to take me and raid which i left my raiding guild to try and reroll just to have the same issue. would of had mythic progress by now
2 for me.

Demon Hunter

All 810+ shammys my main tho with 866ilvl
10/24/2016 02:24 AMPosted by Avabelle
This is my 3rd...

Eight so far, but only seven have finished the order campaign, at least as of the time of this posting. (Check my achievements to confirm.)

The other four classes are still between 102 and 110, and I have 36 of 37 artifacts. (I don't have the fishing pole... yet.)

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