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I'm trying to get the new Suramar quest line but my log is saying it's full. I only had 21 at the time and abandoned two i didn't really need to try and see if that'd work but still is not letting me pick any new quests up! I've re-logged, Still nothing though.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Same issue here.
I'm also running into the same issue, quest log says 22/25
Also the same issue
Ditto. Same is true of the Halloween Dalaran fire quest with a Blood of Sargeras as the quest reward.
Same here; I started at 24/25 when I logged in, and got "Your quest log is full" when I tried to pick up the Trial of Valor breadcrumb. I dropped two quests and still had the same issue.

I then turned in another quest and was able to successfully pick up an Inscription quest afterwards (which had also been giving me grief), but then after going to talk to Khadgar again with 22/25 quest in my log, I'm STILL getting "Your quest log is full."

I guess I don't get to experience any of the new content until they fix this. : \
There are 3 hidden pvp weekly quests taking up space in the quest log for me causing this issue (2v2 weekly quest, 3v3 weekly quest, and RBG weekly); these quests cannot be abandoned and count against the cap.
Thought I was seeing things when I got this error message when my quest log was 22/25, then thought it was something to do with World Quests (I just hit 110).

Dropped a quest and still got the error message.
Apparently it is due to Emissary Quests:

10/25/2016 01:06 PMPosted by Vrakthris
Emissary quests are taking space in your questlog, which is causing that. Our Devs are aware of the issue and they are working to address it as quickly as they can.

Clearing out the Emissary quests you have available should free up some space for now or dropping quests you are not currently working on. Hopefully it won't be long before we see a hotfix though.


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Having the same issue, turned in a few quests and still can't pick up any.
I don't have any Emissary quests.
I cleared out my Emissary quests. It allowed me to pick up one more quest. I still have 22/25 and can't get more. And pretty much stuck until this is fixed.
10/25/2016 04:07 PMPosted by Krueno
I don't have any Emissary quests.

this. was at 23/ before i logged in and cant even pick up a single halloween quest now :(
I'm at 19/25 and cannot pick up additional quests. Ingame Help said a client side hotfix has solved the issue, but it seems not.

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