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Are you ever gonna look at fury?

Is there gonna be a way to prevent people joining M+ dungeons and leaving, leaving you with depleted stones?

are you gonna remove some invisible walls? I cannot climb or ride up some patches that Look perfectly accessible... stupid hills :(

could you possibly think about buffing RNG for alchemy procs? I'm not talking about 3* procs but the chances of actually Getting those 3* recipes
As a warlock, why does only TALENTED movement spell cause us to take damage in order to gain movement speed? I don't really care that I can potentially sustain that movement speed as long as my health pool can manage it. NO OTHER CLASS has to deal with the trade off of move speed for damage.

You people still need to fix warlocks as numbers aren't our issue, it's a sweeping mechanics issue. Objectively speaking why the hell would I bother playing any spec warlock when fire mage does it better? Fix it. The 7.1 patch notes don't even reflect what the warlock community's outcry is. FFS listen.
#LegionQA Do you feel that raid trinkets are appropriately powerful? Nearly all BiS melee trinkets come from M/M+ dungeons, even if 20-30 ilvl below raid trinkets.

It's frustrating to see 880+ trinkets drop and know that they'll be a DPS loss no matter what.
The changes to Blade of Wrath and Crusade for ret in 7.1 aren't set in stone, right? because they're both just worse than the current versions.
Shadow Priest tentacles?
When are Fury buffs coming?
Any plans on allowing us to transmog our artifact weapons into every type of weapon we can actually equip for that specific class? I feel limiting these transmogs to only some of the types of weapons we can equip diminishes the way we can customize our character to look, feel and play the way we want to play our play-style of gaming. I know it would change the weapon movements but if we can already equip said weapons isn't the movement already implemented to be able to do this?
Specing Agonizing poison(love that talent) really hurt assassination aoe..close to non existent without deadly poison. Any plans to increase fan of knives By X % when picking that talent? Or double the bag of tricks PPM to compensate.

80% of damage comes from bleeds. Not getting those effected by haste really destroys the spec specially in burn phase with Lust/heroism . Any plans to make rogues dots get effected by haste just like most classes?
Will Ebonhorn and Wrathions 'family matters' be touched upon in 7.1?
How does the dev team feel about disc priests at the moment and should we expect any changes in 7.1?
Why is Hati so slow? Doesn't run, and doesn't benefit from dash or charge.
Artifact appearances hidden behind 1/1000 - 5/1000 rolls

Legendary RNG gating people ability to progress

Top pve rogue spec becoming worse pve rogue spec

Ability to change spec or reroll gated behind massive AP grind / low % relic rate

Something like 25-50% of the talents not being properly tuned or useful

Ability pruning maybe having too much detriment to pure classes like rogues who can't tank or heal? Why take a rogue in M+ over various other hybrid melee who could rez / aoe stun etc when our damage scaling doesn't justify it?

Typical end game raiding ranged for the most part killing most melee specs due to melee unfriendly mechanics - parses absolutely support this.

Question - Are any of these things being looked at and if so what is specifically being done to adjust to these issues?
As far as ability mechanics, what are the limits they're able to be changed in a hotfix or a patch?

How important is avoiding drastic changes mid expansion vs changing/tweaking how spells function to, e.g., add a secondary effect after meeting a condition that would scale with a certain stat or two, like Mastery and Crit?
What is the plan to keep legendaries relevant throughout the patches? Will their item level increase as new content beyond the Nighthold is released?
Like many of us who sit at none, can you honestly say that the community isn't divided and jaded, rather than excited for someone who has gotten their 4th or 5th Legendary item? The idea that the system is fixed and the idea that you said the failure rate would gradually go down over time has been hardly believable by many, like myself, who farm daily and do the content that can, "CAN", reward legandary drop chances.

The thread here:

has over 130 pages and nearly 3k posts discussing this and the best we get is a response saying it'll be mentioned to the higher ups.

The legendary system has gone stale to the point of depending on mindlessly running the same content over and over for a chance at these items to drop.

Compared to how a legendary quest line and catch up mechanics would allow players and even alts to eventually get their cloaks or rings respectively, this system is toxic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the current 5 man dungeons and world quests are a nice turn on dailies, but this method destroys lore junkies like myself and I feel bitter to do emmisary cache's every single day to get an 820 piece and some rep.

Had you implimented a better method that would have given us a story behind these stat stick, mandatory for nighthold, and somewhat crappy (looking at you ring and neck), items, we'd see a really different outlook on the orange items that are in the game.

These items as they are do separate casuals, hardcore players and the inbetween to having players who play 7-10 hours a day not see a small glimpse of a reward for their efforts, to a casual player who logs in for raid and gets 2 back to back.

I'll make this argument in a way I am sure you Blizz dev's will consider worthwhile in answering:

Rich Kid A, we'll call him Richy Rich, gets everything handed to him in life. Car, toys, all the money he could ever ask for. Then we get Poor kid B, we'll call him Dennis the menace. Well Dennis has to work for everything he gets. Dennis works at a fast food joint, making minimum wage, while Richy just bought a occelot which he plays with once. The occelot's name is Baboo. Dennis works overtime for a rust bucket to get him from point A to point B and prays that it doesn't break down, or worse, catch fire like a Note 7. Richy is flying a helicoptor today because he wants to skip leg day.

Blizz you are giving Richy the legendary and giving Dennis, the finger.

I would love some kind of "Hey we know you guys are bent that Billy Jean, who is not my girl, is getting everything handed to them, but we assure you that the system is not broken, its RNG and you need to quit whining. We'll take your monthly payment now." Response, as I know that's what we'll get. The drop rate is bad and you know it.
Will you ever fix emissary quests loot? The things you get are 810/820 or a 890 legendary. Is that really fair? It should scale.
You have recently said that Surrender to Madness is getting a revision, but without this gimmick priest damage is low and generally undesirable for non-raid mythic+ content, could/will our review of our lvl 100 talents address some of these issues?
Any chance of getting a loot spec solely for Legendaries that is different from normal loot spec? I play Arms and Fury and am terrified to ever put my loot spec on Fury as I might miss out on the MS gloves that are essential for the Arms spec.
Any chance at updating class mount textures, warlocks and pallies could some love.
10/10/2016 08:28 PMPosted by Erixi
If feels like the Legendary Drop Protection is working backwards, people aren't getting any drops and those who do get multiples. Any comments?

Completely this. Legendaries are creating deep resentment between those that have them (and who often have multiple) and those who have none. Why place such character progression purely behind luck? Players who put in far more time feel abandoned when their effort translates to nothing.

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