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Are you and the team happy with where classes have ended up after the initial balance tuning pass? Can we expect to see more before 7.1?
Is there any effort to resolve issues with noncompetitive class/specs in raiding like Brewmaster Monks or DKs and Warlocks in general.

It's frustrating to feel like you're holding back your guild and the only option to fix the problem is to roll a completely new character.
Is there any plans to make warlocks feel more welcome into raiding progression instead feeling useless?
Legendaries have been a hot issue on the forums. Knowing the next raid has some balance components based on people having legendaries, can you give us some insight on how the drop mechanics work? All we have is anecdotal evidence of a "fixed" bug that doesn't seem fixed.
Did the devs forget that magic damage exists? You keep swapping tank health for armor. Feels REALLY bad.
#LegionQ&A Can we ever expect to see raids in the size of 10m and 20-25m content in Mythic raiding? (Please say yes)
How do you take class balancing into consideration? The loudest seem to get the tweaks the fastest but when it comes to whether or not you do need a balance change, what are the methods of getting this information? Some classes make me very sad that get a lot of focus each expansion and that's the focus for most of the expansion.
#LegionQ&A Lots of new tameable pets have been added since 5.3. Is there any possibility of more stable slots for Hunters in 7.1 or beyond? Collectors like myself are running up against not being able to tame anything without abandoning our rare pets.
Any chance at a broad talent tuning pass? There are a lot of useless talents right now.
Can we expect to see additional balance hotfixes prior to 7.1? Certain specs are still underperforming by a large enough margin where it is basically impossible to pug group content with them.

EDIT: Also any plans to bring secondary stats more in line with each other? As it stands there's plenty of incentive to avoid ilvl upgrades for plenty of specs due to how weighted performance is because of secondaries.
Why is engineering so bad?
When is the ret playstyle being fixed?
With many players nearing completion of equipping 2 legendarys, especially by the time 7.1 releases, is it intentional that many players don't have a single legendary yet? At what point is the pity timer so high that it should be "any day now"?
Some classes seem to have issue with their mechanical rotation. Will this be looked into or is the dev team happy with how rotations are done?
World Quests were suppose to have a large variety that we would not see many of them often but i have found since launch we see many of the same ones repeated quite frequently, is this going to be addressed?
10/10/2016 12:24 PMPosted by Âeons
#LegionQA Can you take a look at re-balancing Divine Steed duration? 3 seconds for one global cooldown seems a bit weak. This coming after you completely removed Speed of Light and Pursuit of Justice.

There was a huge mobility nerf in general (which makes DHs mobility all the more ridiculous); I know paladins don't have it great, but count your blessings and think about the bullet you've dodged since you don't have to deal with wraith walk.
do you guys see an issue with some of the "longer" mythic+ dungeons, some dungeons having a 45 min timer but rewarding the same amount of loot for a maw that takes half the time leaves dungeons such as Halls of Valor feel less rewarding for time spent.
What is the timeline looking like for 7.1 release?

Where is Jaina?

Any plans to tweak Roll the Bones for Outlaw rogues?

Items with poor stat allocation tend to lead to really...awkward progression paths like some 840 items > 860 items etc.

Do you have any intent to alter the current structure to make itemization a little more intuitive without constant theorycrafting/testing?
Why did you guys force me to betray Gul’dan the man? He promised me a spot on the Shadow Council and everything. I just wanted to steal some Legion secrets for personal gain. :(


Are there plans to continue class specific campaigns beyond Legion? Weapon/campaign quests are big on class fantasy for the most part, which is something I feel has been missing for years.


The class campaigns and artifact quests are huge on class fantasy. Any chance we could make class matter more in general questing? Class specific ways of handling quests, alternate dialogue options. They're small things, but the details matter.


Why are the priest campaign and weapon quests so weak compared to the others? You basically beg paladins for help and are the hapless but lovable sidekick in your own story,
With the recent large swings in balance, how are you ensuring that certain spec-specific legendaries and artifact power investments are not made useless because another spec is suddenly more powerful?

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