[H] Surprise Dragon does BfA!

Blackhand and Galakrond
Raids going to be a bit crowded at the moment, socials, m+, and pvp interested folks are always welcome. Contact choon#1592 if interested.
Surprise Dragon is always recruiting! We are looking for players that desire to be successful raiders while having a good time. As a raid team, we always strive to obtain AotC within a reasonable timeframe, once we’ve got a raid on farm we like to knock out the guild achievements for the raid and then dabble around in mythic some.

Raid Needs are:
Tanks: Full
Healers: Looking for one maybe two skilled healers
DPS: Provide logs or come trial, prove you’re decent at your class, and dependable -we will find you a spot.

Raid Times are:
T/Th - 8pm-11pm Central/Server
Saturday - 9pm(ish)-? - We drink and do something stupid. Most of the time a normal run for alts, sometimes snag the achievements from old raids, sometimes we just kick soccer balls at people in Dalaran for three hours. The sky is the limit. This is always a good time to come hang out with the group and see if you enjoy being a part of our environment and if it is a good culture fit for you.
Outside of raiding, we’ve got several groups that enjoy pushing M+ and we have island expeditions and warfronts to look forward to in BfA. Even if you’re not into raiding there is probably a group for you to run something with. Now is a better time than any to join a guild with all the new content coming in BfA. We hope to see you out there!

Thank you for reading this far, if this is a guild that sounds like something you'd be interested in being a part of please respond here or message/mail Waterworld/choon#1592 in game for more information! If I’m not around, any of our raiders can help you as well.

Random background nonsense if you’re into that kind of thing:
Surprise Dragon has been around in some iteration or another starting during BC on Illidan, then moving to Alterac Mountains during WotLK through MoP, and finally we found a permanent home here on Blackhand. The guild name spawned during WotLK while prepping for a Malygos fight. Our raid lead was explaining the mechanics and strategy for the upcoming battle, when suddenly Malygos was aggro’d down from the sky, unbeknownst to us. Moments before she promptly wiped the floor with our raid group one quiet guild member chirped out over vent, “Surprise Dragon!” That was a memorable and hilarious moment for many of us which is why its legacy lives on in our guild name.

Surprise Dragon was started to create a balance between having fun and progressing through content in a structured raiding environment. Many of our raiders have experience dating back to vanilla and some have experienced the thrill of clearing a raid for the first time with Surprise Dragon in Antorus. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild that best suits you!
Hi there. I think I just tried adding your battletag to my friends list. Found it in another recruitment post.

I just returned to the game a few days ago after a hiatus of a few years. I am mainly looking for a guild to run 5-man content with. I don't know if my play schedule would allow me to participate in actual raids.

I mainly play disc or holy priest.

If you have room in your guild for a casual healer then please let me know.
Hi Waka, I accepted the request. We'd be happy to have you join us for 5 man content and anything else you would like to attend! Message me in game when you're on and we'll get you added!
Hey Waka, I am sorry we weren't able to sync up in game and talk. Congrats on joining Obscure though, they seem like a good group!
Any specific classes/roles you're recruiting for? I have a 855 resto/guardian/balance druid that I'd be interested in raiding with.
Hi Fops!

Currently we need a dedicated healer and strong DPS, if you have a preference on either you'd be welcome to play the one you like! Add me in game at Waterworld or btag choon#1592 and we can talk and get you added to the guild! Thanks for reaching out, I look forward to running with you!
Surprise Dragon's doors are still open to those looking for a home. If you're looking for heroic progression, Saturday night alt raids, or just some fun people to run keystones with, you're in the right place. Message Waterworld/choon#1592 in game, or find one of our players in game and they will help get you in touch with an officer! Best of luck in your search for a guild!
If you're currently looking for a guild, feel free to get in touch with me and attend one of our Saturday night, Nighthold alt clears starting at roughly 9pm server. This way you can experience the raid while checking out if our guild atmosphere is a good fit for you. Drop me a line here or in game (btag is choon#1592)!
are you guys still looking for more? we have a group of about 6 active people possibly looking for a new guild
Hey Geekér, sorry I hadn't replied here, but I knew you spoke with one of the other officers of the guild and told him you were going to join up with us this weekend.

You had attended a few of our Saturday raids in the past and I was looking forward to having you guys join the team, but it looks like you've made the jump to Obscure at this point. Best of luck to you, your raiders, and Obscure moving forward!
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Best of luck to you, your raiders, and Obscure moving forward!

Cheers! Good luck on Gul'daddy next week!
I would definitely be interested in doing a Saturday night run with you, or some mythic+ runs. My group of friends has moved on from the game, and I'm essentially a guild of one at this point. Just using the group finder to hook up with folks for raids and dungeon runs. Would love to find a group of laid back, fun people to do some of these things with.
Hi Avarus, I sent you a friend request in game. Message me sometime when you are online and we can get you involved with our activities. Thanks for reaching out!
Great! Look forward to talking to you.
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03/31/2017 08:56 AMPosted by Waterworld
Best of luck to you, your raiders, and Obscure moving forward!

Cheers! Good luck on Gul'daddy next week!

Thanks! The big guy came down in 6 pulls after our Saturday alt run. Awesome fight. I heard you guys had a 19%, bring him down this week!
Hello. Im a 901 Ele sham, looking for a more serious raiding guild. I'm 7/10 H NH, and learn fast. 310 days /played on the same toon. What's the likelihood that i could get a consistant raiding spot if I were to join?
They only recruit uggos. Havent you heard?!
Hey Galaxiya, glad you were able to join up with us and get that AotC last night. Obviously you fit in just fine and are welcome to continue raiding with us if you'd like to.

Pay no attention to Fooj, he's just upset we have better puns than his guild.
hey wondering if you guys still looking for more 906 dh just come back to the server due to some friends coming back and pulling me back to the game after a short break . 7/7 h / 3/3 h / 10/10 h exp

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