When Geared Out Players Leave the Guild

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this expansion is gearing us towards 5 man raid content.

10+ people are hard to maintain.

The current loot/tier/mythic+ system encourages players who get decked-out in full raiding gear to leave the guild and pursue Mythic+ dungeons for better loot with less people required to be effective.
Some of it is individual greed.

Some of it is a guild not fostering an environment that would make someone want to stay.
As someone that used to be a guild recruiter, the most important thing for any progression guild is to NEVER stop recruiting.

People will guild hop, it's the nature of the game.

In MOP/WOD, I pretty much stopped recruiting once I realized that I didn't need to work on a schedule any longer with the introduction of LFG and such. So I would make my own raids and go from there. The folks that I liked I befriended and we ended up just being a raid team by the end of HFC.

Building a network via pugging/guild relations is pretty nice now.
That's not completely true. I'm a recruiter for our guild and have about 50% retention rate >4 weeks so far. People will hop for many reasons.

Personally, I left the guild I'm in now during mid HFC because we didn't progress as much as I hoped and joined another guild entering mythic. Eventually, I came back to this guild. That being said, some of our recent recruits are geared for heroics, and even had a mythic raider join our raid team (we're mid heroic atm). There are personal choices why people leave or join a guild.

Right now, it's much easier keeping a roster and recruiting compared to HFC. And when we're not raiding, we can do 5 man content together or even smaller and pug a couple.
Why would you leave a guild to do M+?
10/26/2016 11:59 PMPosted by Teritia
Why would you leave a guild to do M+?

Mythic+ dungeons for better loot with less people required to be effective.
Happy people don't leave guilds. Regardless of their item levels. If the guild if filling their needs as players, they will stay. If the guild is not, they will seek better pastures.
I think it's more like they want you to have 4-5 Mythic+ dungeon groups as a guild, and then come together to do Mythic raiding. I think it was their answer to "not having anything to do outside raid night". Of course unfortunately some guilds don't want to do anything with people outside of raid night, so they leave for other guilds that do.
I think the issue is that its easier to get high ilvl gear from M+ than from raids, so if you care, or are forced to care, about ilvl you will do M+. If you muthic raid you'll be fine, since that gear is really high, but when you can farm M+ for heroic raid or high ilvl gear, youll run M+ for gear. People take the path of least resistance when it comes to gearing up, which is why LFR is a bit redundant in legion gearwise, because WQ offer gear 5 ilvl higher, and why people who farm M+ outgear normal easy
10/31/2016 02:23 PMPosted by Sorelai
Happy people don't leave guilds.

This is pretty much it.

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