Why would we want to see Weird Al?

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i cant imagine this is going to be anything but utterly disappointing. so glad i didnt plan to spend hundreds of dollars going this year. its just a terrible idea. weird al isnt even funny anymore. whos next?....... i was going to put another terrible example of a perosn who hasnt been relevant or entertaining in 20+ years but honestly i cant think of anyone as bad as weird al...... bring on the downvotes from 10 years olds.....
Would you prefer Justin bieber?

Weird Al is going to rock it.
A lot of people like him. What, you want the latest !@#$ star produced by the industry to show up? Not a ton of recent talent.
Weird Al is awesome.
You have no idea how big an entertainer the guy was in the day. Hey you might actually enjoy it.

QQ more and maybe Blizz might hire BoBo the Clown for you in a separate room ?
He is actually more relevant than most bands blizzard has had, winning a grammy just last year.
Ah, Kids these days don't understand Art.
Weird Al is funny.
As long as he makes an attempt to make jabs at Blizzard/Activision I think it will be an amazing show.
I wish I could go just to see Weird Al!
I think the guy is just fine ... in very, very small doses. Like, the first 30 seconds or so of 1 or 2 songs. After that ... meh, heard it, move on.

But I'm not going, so good deal for those who are & like Weird Al.
OP wanted Taylor Swift
Those who are tired of weird al is tired of life.
Plot Twist: OP is actually Weird Al's WoW character.
10/27/2016 06:09 PMPosted by Krysh
OP wanted Taylor Swift
OP is my guildie in disguise

I don't dislike him, I have grown up with his musical comedy and the furby call still makes me laugh to this day, but I've never seen a concert in person before so it being my first Blizzcon I was hoping to see an actual band, if that makes sense.

So I dunno. I'm 50/50 with it. Everyone else I know is completely excited for it, but everyone else I know also goes to 50 concerts per week and can fully enjoy him.
Wierd Al is a freaking genius. Guy has been making music for 30+ years, and still keeps on going. Funny, artful, talented. I have nothing but mad respect for Wierd Al.
I used to love Weird Al. Brings back a lot of fond memories of my youth. He was always at his best with new material however. As such I hope he has written something specifically for legion / current day blizzard IPs.
I'd rather listen to Weird Al who's been making records of high quality for decades than some random just got "hot, and popular" band.
Did you buy a Blizzcon ticket or a Weird Al ticket? What's your intention of going?
The way Blizzard always has a nice mesh of lighthearted comedy and moments of dark narrative,I think Weird Al is an ideal choice for a closeout performance,the man is in his 50s and still nails his song parodies nicely! I've been a fan since I was a kid thanks to yoda,the saga begins and smells like Nirvana. One more thing,Dare to be Stupid from the 1987 Transformers movie.

Sure they could do a power metal band or some uber goth band,but in the end sometimes a good ol comedic and lighthearted parody is needed to keep the balance. Hell,that's one of many reasons the MCU does better in the box office over the DC movies,because they have a nice mix of campy fun,serious narrative and action.

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