Why would we want to see Weird Al?

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Some people like him some don't.

Personally I'm not a fan. But there are others who are.

There will always be those who like someone and those who don't pretty much regardless of who it is.
He's genuinely entertaining. I'd love to see Weird Al. Who would you rather have? Yeah, I'd rather have 80s Michael Jackson, but we don't always get what we want?
10/28/2016 01:30 PMPosted by Tornadic
10/28/2016 01:27 PMPosted by Spy

I'd rather see Weird Al sit in a chair quietly than any "popular" artist actually perform.

I agree, but is it because he would find a way to make it entertaining due to his awesomeness or is it more that the "popular" artist a talent-less automaton?

Take your pick.
I've been fortunate enough to see Weird Al in concert twice, and he is an amazing performer. I've always loved his music, but he really puts a lot of effort into his performances above and beyond just singing. The folks attending Blizzcon are in for a treat!
For the first time I'm going to watch the stream with my blizzcon virtual ticket. Don't get me wrong I loved the bands in the past but this really seems worth watching.
I met him in a swamp down in Dagoba
Where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda
S-O-D-A, soooooooda
Weird Al is our people! How dare you speak ill of the nerds rock icon.
Oh this is a story 'bout a guy named Al, and he lived in a sewer with his hamster pal...

Wonder if I remember all the words to that song.
Unfortunately, I can't not see your title so one question:

Who's "we"?
10/27/2016 06:04 PMPosted by Madcowkillar
i cant imagine this is going to be anything but utterly disappointing. so glad i didnt plan to spend hundreds of dollars going this year. its just a terrible idea. weird al isnt even funny anymore. whos next?....... i was going to put another terrible example of a perosn who hasnt been relevant or entertaining in 20+ years but honestly i cant think of anyone as bad as weird al...... bring on the downvotes from 10 years olds.....

NEVER, have I ever seen -240 downvotes on someones post.

You must have broken some kind of world record.

Weird Al is cool, by the way, and I'm 25. Deal with it. :D
For a game company that loves to throw in Monty python references whenever they can, and generally loves things all silly, a comedic singer is somehow horrible to you?
10/28/2016 12:44 PMPosted by Madcowkillar
wildly popular???

The rest of your post is either bait or ignorance. I'll grant you the benefit of doubt; hit up Google for "Weird Al" Yankovic and check out his Wiki if you wish to have a better informed concept.
10/27/2016 06:06 PMPosted by Berronax
Would you prefer Justin bieber?

Weird Al is going to rock it.

Yes. I would much prefer Justin Biebers music over !@#$ing "White and Nerdy"
i know who weird al is. he is a JOKE song writer. people generally want to see REAL musicians at concerts. like metallica, fall out boy, aerosmith, etc. why not just have the guy andy samburg come do next years blizzcon and sing "jizzed in my pants" since apparently all your idiot fanboys cant tell the difference between parody and REAL music. elvis and jimi rolling in their graves right now.

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