Huge loading screen wait time as of 7.1

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I'm not a MAC user..Desk top PC and having the same issues. It varies a bit, sometimes worse than others but still incredibly slow to load screens, even a fresh log in. One more thing...Wow is not always closing for me either, even if I try when not in a load screen issue. It just stays caught in the unreality of not playable, but not closing down.

Please Blizzard, we want to continue playing, but make it fun for us once more!
same issue here...
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How many GBs of memory does everyone have? I think it might be related.

WoW is bloated now and takes up about 2.6BG when in the Garrison or Dalaran. I have 4BG on my iMac and when I've ported in to my Garrison or Dalaran, I'm consuming about 3.5Gb all told out of the 4GB.

Do those of you with 8GB face long load times?

I have 16GB on my iMac and have had this issue since 7.0; 7.1 made it considerably worse.

OK thanks for clearing that up. I was about to purchase more memory LOL.
Do you want people to quit the game Blizzard? So many of my guildies and myself are having this issue and it's been over a week now. Get your !@#$ together.
Decided to just be stubborn and wait out the Dalaran loading screen this time instead of forcing the game to close and reopening it. After 30 minutes I gave up. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Still having this issue with my Garrison and Dalaran. All other zones so far seem to load without difficulty (though they are a tiny bit slow).

It's incredibly inconvenient to have to devote 15 minutes to getting back to Dalaran and constantly close and re-open the game.
So below is my first post in this thread about loading screens:

11/04/2016 06:12 PMPosted by Kithhurrn
Running WoW 64 bit on secondary HDD drive. When in game fps is 70-100 and ms is averaging 40/40. Only basic windows services running.

1. Turn off all addons - done
2. Reset UI (leave all addons off) - done
3. Repair WoW - done
4. Update Win7 - done
5. Turn viewing distance down to 5 from 8 - done
6. Turn viewing distance down to 2 - done
7. Update all drivers (especially checked/update gfx drivers) - done
8. Complete removal and clean install of WoW - done
9. Launch WoW directly from wow-64.exe - done

Expected result - game should load into Dalaran, garrison and other areas in a reasonable amount of time.

Result - Problem is worse as off Friday Nov 4, 2016. I have to force quit WoW EVERY single time I port/hearth to Legion Dalaran and WoD garrison. Too fed up with having to constantly force quit the game to test other areas but as of yesterday they only occasionally hung. Dalaran load screen hangs at 75-80%, garrison hangs at 100%, according to the loading bars anyway. Can't reliably zone into instances either.

Since then I've yet again completely removed WoW along with bnet app, cleaned the registry, defragged all HDDs then reinstalled WoW and bnet. Defragged game install drive a 2nd time. Result? Absolutely no change in the issue.

I have 8GBs of physical memory. Set VMem to 32000 max. This is on a PC not a Mac btw. When stuck in a load screen the amount of physical memory used is 69%. No addons installed, and only bare bones services running on system. Closing WoW drops usage down to 25%. Why is WoW using 44% of my physical memory? Before patch 7.1 I never saw usage above 35-40% and that was with all addons running and unoptimized windows service/processes running. Standard CPU usage is around 5%, with WoW running it's about 10%. Load screens bump that up to 16-17%. Face it Blizz, patch 7.1 was coded badly and/or was not properly debugged. Something is causing excessive memory usage. At this point WoW is more of a memory hog than my PhotoShop CC with it's hundreds of filters.
Guys, just set your hearth to Shackle's Den and fly to Dalaran. It's a quick and easy fix that will make it so you don't have to force quit your game.
I opened two separate tickets about this and just got the blizzard runaround when i ask about a real solution or pausing my subscription till the game is playable but they seem to think they are entitled to my money for nothing.
Same problem here also.

I'm running a GTX 970 driver version 375.70 Windows 10 pro 64

I had just upgraded the driver recently and thought that it could have been that, but now after reading all of these posts, I'm thinking it's the latest patch and not my machine.
still not a change... ok welll maybe one... now it gets to 100% load and crashes like it did in WoW with a delay at 80% >_>
I am beginning to think that Blizz does not want us playing WoW anymore. I go to do the pet battles and the loading screen takes so flippin long I get no pet battle I get kicked. It took me 2 days to do the quest for our weekly quest and I am still trying to get my last pet battle in before midnight. And everytime I try to use the portal from the shaman class hall to leave I time out and game crashes so I hearth out and I have a 50/50 chance to make it out of the dam thing. These developers need to fix this or I will quit playing again.
I really hope we find a fix and get compensation since its their end not the customers !!
It seems like its getting worse. Today alone I tried hearting and porting to Dalaran at least 5 times and got stuck at 100% each time. Also got stuck when porting to Pandaria.

My game just updated, I hope thats a fix, but doubt it.
I'd like to add that post 7.1 I've also experienced significantly increased load times (from ~30 seconds to 2+ minutes) as have several of my guild mates.
Yous d think at 2 weeks theyd figure out what was causing this or at least an idea . Not post cookie cutter soulutions acting like they give a crap :/
The fact that I'm still having this problem is utterly disgusting. I'm playing on a GTX 1070 FTW and have had 0 problems with any other games.

Get your stuff together Blizzard..this is by far the biggest and most annoying blunder I've experience over my 10+years of playing this game.
Almost 1000 posts.

Come on blizzard
Have tweeted @blizzardCS twice with links to this thread, no replies there either.

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