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10/26/2016 01:30 PMPosted by Fyddy
10/26/2016 01:18 PMPosted by Kateila
Wait. You said you were doing 170k dps and everyone else is doing 300k +?

And you say this is overtuned?
And you say trash is harder than bosses?

You sure you're not pointing at yourself here?

170k as a tank is a solid number.

Ahh sorry didn't notice he was a tank.

There's just simply no way that you'd be having a hard time with the numbers you're claiming. Is that consistent? 300k+ dps shouldn't struggle.
10/26/2016 01:16 PMPosted by Imâge
Git gud?

Seriously, this actually is a "get good or get going" situation.
'Omg I can't faceroll through a dungeon! Blizz plz nerf!!!!'

Some challenging content is good, if you want easy mythics then run any other mythic. If you want easy raids run LFR. If you just want to see the content wait a few months until people are overgeared for Kara and run it then.
My party beat up to and including Curator last night. I'm curious, can please give specifics on which trash you feel was overtuned? Which boss?

The only trash we found difficult was when we didn't respect it. Pennies from Heaven is a huge amount of damage but quite easy to deal with once you see it once. Don't let the trash stand in the light column (though I admit I remembered that from the original Karazhan). The backup singers are a little hairy but we never lost anyone to them. I remember the skeletal ushers wiped us but that's only because my priest told me to pull them all and we didn't know about the Flashlight ability. Our stupid though it was pretty funny.

I think the only part about the trash I felt was "overtuned" was some of them had quite a lot of health, they weren't dangerous but was a tad dull waiting for the brick wall to die. Better gear will fix that in time though.

The bosses are just very unforgiving if you don't respect their mechanics. Wikkit can one shot if you don't use the Defy Gravity or blow a defensive cd. Don't interrupt Berrybuck? Prepare for pain. Put Sacred Grounds in the wrong spot? Oops, you die. That sort of thing (though I admit Curator is a bit rough though not overtuned).

Basically any fight we wiped on I always felt "If we just did that a little cleaner, we would've won". Overtuned means no matter how clean you do the fight, you're still getting trampled. Never had that feeling.
Blizzard specifically said it is supposed to feel like a raid and is not supposed to be easy, the bosses are not over tuned as you said it is probably just the fact that you cant handle the mechanics. I cleared it day 1(feel free to check my achievements) with a pug group. Try doing the dungeon again after you have learned the mechanics or are at least willing to go through without complaining about not being able to roll it.
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10/26/2016 01:12 PMPosted by Stababill
The new Karazhan.... Is absolutley Dismal.
Each boss is Over tuned.
Trash is Well Over tuned. Some trash is harder then the bosses. Thats sad.
Loot is under Tuned and not worth the time or effort to do this instance.

Utterly disapointing.
2 and a half hours and we got to moroes. With 3 DPS at 300k myself at 170k.
The shaman healer was fantastic that we had.

I just cannot believe how bad the instance is for no reward (the rewards are 855-860 Seriously You need to be at 860+ to even consider going into that hell hold!!!!!). And as other people have said wtf is with the long run backs put a respawner at each boss area.

Get with the program blizzard devs!

It really isn't that bad. If you are finding trash harder than bosses then I don't really know what to say. Pull slower? Pull less?

I will agree the walk back kinda sucks but it really isn't a big deal. Think of it as an incentive to not screw up.

It's debatable if the trash is harder than the bosses, however one thing is actually certain - a lot of the trash is annoying as hell to fight.
Weird. I was bored, and soloing trash for kicks, and our group found it fun for the little time we had to mess around in it.

It's possible you're just not as good as you think you are.
Forgive my ignorance, is it a 5 man or 10 man dungeon?
10/26/2016 01:26 PMPosted by Annastasi
Find it tough? Come back tomorrow and try again.

Have fun clearing the whole instance again because everything apparently resets right now if you come back later.
I love the fact i had to progress through this with my guild over the course of 3 and a half hours. wiping on bosses then learning mechanics in a 5 man setting brought me back to a time long since forgotten if they nerf kara due to complaints of "BOSS OP, PLZ NURF" im gonna cry.

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