Rich Campbell..

This guy is such an idiot.

Yeah Zunniyaki is so good just the stuff he does is good and the plays, yeah they're good. His big ability, so good, plays well. Yeah Jawsh.

Obviously not word for word, but the dude never adds any value to what he says. Like? For real? We couldn't have gotten a more knowledgeable host that goes in depth or even has the slightest clue of what he's talking about??
He does feel like by far the weakest addition to the team. I get that he has energy and is in the MLG scene but shoot, don't really enjoy him compared to others. Healingstat almost makes up for it with how awesome he is imo though.
FeelsBadMan Bring FeelsBadMan back FeelsBadMan Azael FeelsBadMan
prune rich and lore tbh
yeah rich needs a prune and maybe a beating
I just came on here specifically to see and post if there was no Rich campbell thread. The guy is ULTRA cringe!!! Please replace with at least Sony D or Bajheera or someone with some knowledge or something useful to say. Everytime he talks i have to mute my TV my god. Its like watching a pedo talk to a little boy. Super triggers me and clearly im not the only one. The chat says it every time. Then i get banned from chat because i say please stop going to rich nobody can stand his voice or demeanor. UGH fake and cringe.

Lore means well and i enjoy him casting but every tournament he says something totally ridiculous like the light of maytre comment today lol cmon lore you know better.
And to top it off he's the host directly communicating with players. And yet we get no in depth analysis, just cheesy lines and saying hey you played good.
Oh please. He is not there for his game analysis, he is there as someone who can string a sentence together and do post game interviews and throw to the casters.
bean is my boy and he has no idea what hes talkin about

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