[H] <Crude> 1/7M LF holy pally/ranged dps

Guild Recruitment
<Crude> is a horde guild on Mal'Ganis. Newly formed during WoD, mythic HFC progression was 11/13. We are wanting to hit the ground running in Legion. and are looking to bolster our roster and find dedicated & talented individuals.

We currently only raid 2 nights a week of progression, with another night for farmed content.
Monday: 7-10pm
Wednesday: 7-10pm

High demand for ranged dps, especially a mage or hunter, although all exceptional players are welcome.

Please visit http://crudeguild.enjin.com/recruitment to apply
still looking for ranged dps!
pew pew pew
still looking for a mage and pally/resto shaman
needing a holy paladin, as ours is going to boot camp D:

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