enlightenment buff is never applied

Bug Report
After completing the daily in the peak of serenity, the enlightenment buff is never applied.
I turn in the quest and suppose to the get the buff, but instead i get big fat NOTHING!

patch 7.1 is the worst. I wish I could roll back.
Yup, seeing this as well. I got it once, but it appears it's not stacking like it used to. It's not even refreshing to the 60min mark, either.
and of course zero response from blizzard.
I am getting this issue as well.
Adding my voice as well.

I noticed tonight that my Enlightenment buff said 22 hours. I thought that unusual since I don't do much currently with my monk alt besides her garrison and monk daily quest. So I did the quest, expecting the buff duration to increase to 23 hours.

It didn't. It still read as 22 hours and I know that it wasn't so close that the duration had dipped to 21 hours before I did the daily.

I have to wonder if it was an undocumented patch 7.1.0 change. I did always wonder why it was that monks had been allowed to keep the mastery buff when all the other raid buffs were removed in patch 7.0.3.

If so, you'd think Blizzard would at least have the courtesy of mentioning it in the patch notes.
I turned in the daily quest as usual, this time right after my monk's buff decreased from 22 hours to 21 hours. The buff's duration did not increase.

I really would like feedback from Blizzard on this, as to whether this is intentional or not.
I complete it and it doesn't apply the buff anymore.

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