Yogg-Saron finally wins

Pet Battles
Guess, I'm going to have to pray to the RNG Gods then this week...
30 Minutes until happy fun time grinding. *Mirthless sarcasm*
To send keepers or not to send keepers...
I got my tentacle last night on 0-keeper 25-man. Third run on account. Snobold was also 3rd run.

The magma rageling I got on first run seems to be rare on my server. Or maybe it's just expensive because it has super high attack rating?
About to start run 23.. 7 alts left

Don't do this to me Blizz
Just got mine :D
Heroic Yogg 25 (no keepers) on my wee paladin alt. It was my 21st kill.
Sold mine on Proudmoore for 120k, which was probably too cheap. I have toons on 11 servers, and only one of those has Creeping Tentacles posted.

Emerald Dream has two listed at 345k and 50k. Somebody snatch that cheap one!
All 15 of my alts up to level to actually solo Ulduar, and nothing. I seriously think the snobold's and the tentacle's drop rates have been switched somehow, since I managed to get the snobold in 4 runs of ToC.
28 runs and no tentacle or wicked soul =.=
I just got it today (probably my 12th run) with zero keepers. Ironically enough I got the mount last week so technically I can say I got the mount before the pet.
11/02/2016 02:19 PMPosted by Zyleia
I just got it today (probably my 12th run) with zero keepers. Ironically enough I got the mount last week so technically I can say I got the mount before the pet.

Same thing happened to me. I made a hail mary run on my little dwarf priestess... no pet, but I about fell out of my seat when I saw the Head.

Now the issue is trying to stay motivated to keep going after the damned pets now that I have the Precious... just one off of LK, Yogg's and the damn rare one in ToC.
Five runs left this week.

*Vomits blood*
There's 15 on my AH right now.

Some as low as 25k. I'm pretty worried duping might be playing a role here. Went from none on the AH to 1 or 2 at a 100k+, now they're popping up everywhere in trade chat and on the AH.
That is a little high. I'm on a full server and there's only 5 of them. There's also one for sale on Baelgun for 10k right now. But its the only one.

I know at least one person in my guild is trying to farm one hoping to sell high, so there may be some opportunists increasing the count too.
3 On wra one for 50k the others at 100k+

I'd gladly pay 10-20k for one right now but no higher then that
You guys running this on like 10 alts a week deserve a medal. I find it hard to stomach Ulduar or ICC without my highest geared chars just blowing the place up...and even the 20mins or so it takes me to clear makes me want to rip my eyes out.

I did get the pet off LK this week...since I also have the mount might not skill him on future ICC runs.

Hoping to be done with ToC soon, though at least I am picking up massive tmog doing that.

I have 10 pets to go...bad RNG for me.
Yogg dropped his pet on run 30 my last run of the week.
Grats Zunde. Now go take some pain relievers.
I had to beat up Algalon first.

3 Legendary pets with 50% damage reduction that was a fun fight.
10/30/2016 08:36 PMPosted by Larkspur
Riperoni in pepperoni.

It'd be interesting if they put a 5% chance on that one just for luls. Would love to see more data on it. (Although then how low must the droprate on the Snobold Runt be that they thought it would be unfair to have it on the achievement?)

I got the Snobold on my first run. Lol.

Still need the Tentacle, Nerubian Swarmling, and the Drudge Ghoul.

Yogg's pet is going for 100k+ on my realm :/

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