2nd Combustion and beyond

Hey all, thanks ahead of time for any help you provide. I'm newer to fire mage this expac and still learning the intricacies/small details of the spec. I've got the main rotation opener down pretty well but my main question details every combustion after.

I'm saving my FO for my 2nd combustion, even though it's only a 45 second cool down. Should I continue doing this? I've noticed that if I use my FO for my next available RoP I have to delay my combustion with the kindling talent to have FO ready for my 2nd combustion.

Secondly, when my combustion is about to be available should I pool fire blasts to save them for my combustion or should I to do the main rotation to continue proc'ing HS?

Thirdly, I try to keep my PF stacks to 2, is there any specific point in time I should be using them? If I get a hot streak and then want to crit for insta pyro but am out of fire blasts I've noticed I can't immediately cast a PF after the fireball I'm casting because the fireball will reach the target first. For example, cast Fireball (crits) > cast another fireball (non-crit) > cast PF (crits) this seems to mess up a bit. Suggestions?
If you use kindling, then yes, save FO for combust. Otherwise, use one FO between every combust.

Keep your PFs to 2, and use them during RoP.

Start saving them back up to 2 for combust starting around 30s out, so roughly when your combust is about halfway cooldown if you are using kindling, 3/4th of the way cooldowned if not.

Also use your "combustion rotation" if possible during RoP, aka don't use fireball filler if you can help it. Force/chase crits with PF. Yes sometimes you'll have to fireball but most of the time you can ride it out with high crit and decent luck.
10/31/2016 11:02 AMPosted by Riisi
Keep your PFs to 2, and use them during RoP.

How do you use them specifically? Fireball until crit > RoP > PF > Pyro (we'll assume non-crit) > fireball until crit again? > PF?

On occasion I've run into Fireball until crit > RoP > PF > Pyro (non-crit) > PF (because I don't pay attention or just try to squeak it in beore RoP goes away) > fireball (non-crit) and lose my HS. Is this common?

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