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Guild Recruitment
Bladesong H-PVE-7/7M 2/3M 3/10M on the Zul’jin server (EST, High Pop) is recruiting for Mythic Raiding. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST. Due to the very limited time schedule (9 hours) per week we expect the very best from our raiders as we look to work through the most difficult content while it’s current.

We are specifically looking for ranged classes and melee DPS and/or one healer, but if the player is exceptional and can handle mechanics we are interested. We are currently on Mythic Nighthold progression and looking for players that can step in and be effective. We are looking for players that can parse in the 90th percentile for their ilvl or better.

A lot of guilds will describe themselves as a family. We at Bladesong are not at a family. We are a team. We are a group of young professionals and raid in an adult atmosphere. We are like to have a good time, but also have no problem with replacing members who aren’t pulling their weight and causing the team to suffer.

We are only looking for the best raiders possible to join our team. We want team oriented players that know their class and know how to raid successfully. If you want to experience all the content available to you in a positive environment that gets things done without it being a second job, consider Bladesong.

For more information, visit www.bladesongguild.com or message Pinston#1175
Now 3/7M
Come Apply boys
Looking for talented DPS for Dragons of nightmare and beyond.
We are actively looking for another talented healer for our roster. Always looking for fantastic ranged DPS as well!
We are currently very interested in adding another resto shm, or a ret pally for ToV Mythic and beyond
Looking for one very talented healer and several ranged DPS still!
Would love a few great ranged DPS! Apply on the site and lets kill bosses together.
We have 1 spot for a very talented Melee, and still have a few spots for very good ranged! Hit us up!
Update: Still looking for a few more for Nighthold progression!
10/10H Nighthold down. Still looking for strong players to head into Mythic with.
What he said! Talk to me!
Still looking for strong ranged! 1/10M Come kill bosses.
What he said again, We need a strong mage/warlock/hunter/ele shm to help round out our team!
New week coming! Still have room for a couple strong Ranged DPS!
We are still looking for 1 melee and a few quality ranged players
We are in dire need of a healer and a few dps, if you are looking for a quality guild to push mythic NH with please add me so we can talk before next weeks raids!

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