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Flying can stay gone for all i care

Bring on more rng legendaries

the broomstick will stay a seasonal mount and im okay with that
i would rather have had 5 years of mop(with new dungeons and raids) instead of wod and legion existing
I have no idea why a solo player would even touch this game. Group content makes WoW special; solo content is very often just worse than any single-player RPG and a chore to me.

A very difficult raid, or high ranked BGs, count as exclusive content. A harder-than-faceroll dungeon that requires using group finder is not exclusive content.

Blizzard are terrible writers, and have been since Warcraft 3 at least. They have their moments, but most of what they write is barely above fanfiction tier. Sometimes worse.

Legion probably has the best content at launch of any expansion.
RNG is fun because I play for the experience, not necessarily for the loot.
RNG is cool, more excitement potential is always better.

LFD/LFR tools are convenient.

Leveling should be relevant and should provide good portion of the gameplay, end game is overrated.
I actually really love Legion. I feel like it's got a lot to explore, and even with a LOT of playtime logged for this xpac already (recovering from surgery, working from home, lots of time to play), I feel like I've still got more to find and explore.

I like Suramar.

I like Ashran better than almost any other BG and I think it's a lot of fun.

  • Flying was a mistake. However, the greater mistake is the poor implementation of game systems that could be used to still allow flying in limited ways (Ogri'la daily area in Blade's Edge during TBC).
  • Instanced PvP was a mistake. They should have never created BGs or Arena.
  • Realm types should have increased differentiation between them (as far as game systems and NPC flagging goes).
  • NPC guards on PvP realms should be nerfed, especially in previous expansion zones. Guard spawns should only ever be level appropriate for the player causing them to be spawned or the level of the town/camp where they are spawning, whichever is the higher of the two.
  • The initial plans in WoW Classic should have been implemented. The original devs wanted to implement world systems that were EVE-like in nature (the razing and occupation of towns, destructible buildings, etc). If you want a source on that it's me. I was talking to the devs at the tables in Fry's on release night getting my CE box signed.
  • All PvP should occur organically as emergent content in the open world. It's an MMORPG, not an arena shooter.
  • Most games referred to as MMOs are not. An MMO is not defined by player count. The MMO classification describes a particular kind of game with certain game systems, one of the most important being a persistent open world where most of the gameplay takes place.
  • There should be no restrictions on items/abilities used on PvP and no special balancing done outside of the most egregious of cases.
  • WoW Arena is not an eSport.
My unpopular opinion is that every reward in the game should be obtainable solo. Make it harder, fine, make it take twenty times the time, fine. Make it effectively unobtainable, fine. But people shouldn't be forced to group for anything. Not with this community.
10/27/2016 05:01 PMPosted by Felrynn
blizzard should stop designing as if the entire player base is casual and start designing as if there's both casual/hardcore players because there ARE both casual/hardcore players alike.

"STOP CATERING TO CASUALS!!!" Doesn't raid and is low MM in pvp.
10/27/2016 04:58 PMPosted by Ohhithur
I enjoyed Vashj'ir

I miss ammo for hunters

I miss racial specific class spells

I think the Mechano-Hog is ugly as sin and not even worth the cost of the mats to make it.

damn I agree with all those statements...

Here we go

Legion is one of the best expansions this game has seen. (so far)
I think the outdoor world is very unengaging and lame without flying, and have found myself not doing much because of it.
I liked professions being useful and not just something to skill up.
I miss Stitches killing me as i forgot to pay attention while heading to STV.
I miss vanilla.
battle pet dailies are more fun than legion content

it's ridiculous that blizzard would be against legacy options when they are constantly falling back on older content anyway (timewalker events, the music in various legion zones such as azsuna / eye of azshara, dalaran, illidan, gul'dan, and trying to fake people into thinking legion is a lot like classic with a multitude of gating inconveniences)

if blizzard doesnt announce legacy servers next week players will be leaving in droves for the new nost.
too unpopular? lol

There's nothing to gain from getting angrier at Blizzard. People are more likely to get results if they swallow their rage and post constructively. Talk about what you want to see. Not how frustrated you are that they aren't mind readers or didn't heed you the first time.
Let's try another.

The worst thing about WoW is not Blizzard's admittedly wonky as all hell design choices, or the oftentimes weird attempts at story, but the people who play the game. I fully prefer to stick with my friends than actually deal with others - it's mostly why I haven't yet done mythics, because I'm one of a few of my friends that are on Horde right now.

A part of me wishes that Blizzard decided to make WoW into a single-player series of RPGs instead of an MMO, but then I wouldn't have the friends I do now.
PVP should be balanced around 1v1s/duels.

Ranged gameplay is significantly easier than melee play as evidenced by the preferences of the community.
10/27/2016 09:04 PMPosted by Phurr
There's nothing to gain from getting angrier at Blizzard. People are more likely to get results if they swallow their rage and post constructively. Talk about what you want to see. Not how frustrated you are that they aren't mind readers or didn't heed you the first time.
I don't suck, so I don't swallow. I !@#$% until it's done right. If the community "suffers" because of me because of Blizzard, then Blizzard suffers. And suffering is the least they deserve for the way they've betrayed the core community.
I genuinely like Anduin
I miss Warchief Garrosh

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