Best race for holy pally alliance?

of course i know it is a very tiny boost but i really can't decide. dwarf has 2% crit and stoneform which is VERY useful and looks nice imo, human 1% all secondaries, removes stun which is okay.., increase rep gain, looks nice as well.

draenie idc for. which race out of the 2 is better for holy pally. i am MAINLY looking at the static stat gain
I think I chose Human when the racial was a rep and spirit buff. I'd probably still take Human if I had to roll another Holy Pally. Crit is easy to come by on gear so far this expansion.
Dwarf .. Crit, Stoneform, Archaeology ... all benefits
What's wrong with draenei? Fem spacegoat is one of my favorite races. Dat waggle....
Dwarf master race.

Humans are boring and draenei are refrigerators
Any race does well. If you're going to be nothing but Holy, dwarves crit bonus is probably the best racial. If you plan on swapping specs, humans or draenei are probably better choices. Humans get a bonus to all secondary stats and the rep bonus. Draeneiget a bonus to your primary stat.
I went Dranei for the lore aspect. Come on, I ride an elephant for my crusade!
Dwarf is really the best option for everything.

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