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The Great Alliance Guild Directory!
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Recruitment: (url to guild advertisement thread, if any. Otherwise, how do people join?)
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  • Unless you are the guild leader or an officer with the GL's permission, please don't post for your guild.
  • If you have any changes to your post, please send me in-game mail on Jaeysa, as not only do I check it more frequently it'll cut down on the number of posts.
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    All Races RP Guilds

    Arcane Conservancy
    Description: The Arcane Conservancy is a Kirin Tor offshoot, that focuses on the retrieval, study and containment of magical artifacts and entities.
    Races: All races welcome (no Warlocks or Demon Hunters)
    Leader: Sayaël (alt + 0235 = ë)
    Requirements: Lore-compliance, Activity (3 times a week, with notification if longer absence for vacations etc.)
    Recruitment: Ingame interview

    Description: Blackbay is a small, close-knit group of skilled fighters doing the Alliance's dirty laundry: we go where they don't want to (or sometimes can't). Our missions are a mixed bag of combat, detective work, stealth, infiltration, and disguise. We are based out of Ironforge, though our current location changes often. We are a quality-controlled medium-to-heavy RP guild. Not affiliated in any way with SI:7.
    Races: All races.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Leader(s): Quai, Monette
    Requirements: Website Application, IC Interview
    Recruitment: Open. Please apply on our website below (Mains only. No DHs or DKs, please).

    "Evil shall see the blackest dawn."
    Description: We are a Alliance Military Black-Ops guild (<--Not common knowledge icly.), sworn to defend quietly behind the scenes. We are a Heavy-RP guild, with an active story-line, we use a roll system (currently under a revamp). Requirements for the guild are TRP3 and Discord. Your Roleplay skill and veteran status in said Roleplay is not an issue.
    Races: All races welcome as long as they are Alliance based and lore abiding characters. (i.e: Half orcs or something odd like that, it is a no.)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Leader(s): Åsh, Valkaine, Areena, Sephmcnaddy, Àzriel, Zackriel and Ârtemis.
    Recruitment: We do not openly recruit, but will be happy to take a walk up in casual rp.

    Cryptic Tide
    "The world's still so filled with mysteries."
    Description: Cryptic Tide is a heavy, large RP guild, who focuses on artifact recovery and research. We work in hopes to further any and all fields of study with the use of artifacts and rare materials while comprised of three divisions: The Medics, The Bodyguards, and the Researchers.
    Races: All
    Alignment: Neutral
    Leader(s): Kaylir
    Requirements: Level 15+, Website Application, Interview

    Deep Forest Caravan
    Description: Running an on-going guild arc, The Caravan is a full-immersion guild that integrates the in-game mechanics with story by use of logical extrapolations of observed behaviors, utilizing the capabilities the lore informs us that this reality possesses. If you’ve ever wanted to do away with the compartmentalization between enjoying the World of Warcraft and RPing your character, Deep Forest Caravan offers that experience.
    Races: All
    Alignment: Neutral/Good and those on the road to redemption
    Leader(s): Mossclaw (recruitment officers - Ursuola & Betilla)
    Requirements: Available at least 3 days a week - 7-10pm server and have interest in raiding.

    Delta Marines
    "Gloria Morsus Mihi."
    Description: The Stormwind Marines assembled to combat, destroy and prevail over threats to the Alliance. We are actively seeking allies as well as recruits to fill in this wyrmrest olden gem. Original WrA Military Guild, Heavy RP.
    Races: All.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Grand Marshal Terenal, Commander Lithandry Amory.
    All Races RP Guilds, cont.

    Dragonsworn Council
    "A family, A purpose"
    The Dragonsworn Council is an organization of people who have dedicated themselves to assisting the Wyrmrest Accord (or one of its flights) in their charge of protecting Azeroth. We host a weekly open event we call the Wyrmhearth Tavern, as well as having guild adventures and RP nights. We offer a heavy-RP environment with a history of and ongoing multi-year storylines.
    Races: All
    Classes: All
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Annalura, Noelina, Leatei
    Recruitment thread:
    Guild Website:

    Everstill Triumvirate
    Description: Everstill Triumvirate is an adventurer's collective with a hidden motive. We are pro Alliance but anti establishment, and our alignment would be considered Chaotic Good.
    Races: All races welcome
    Leader(s): Icaraethus, Pipennise, Rhovanel
    Requirements: Lore-compliance, website application, interview.

    Free Azerothian Brigade
    "Workers of Azeroth unite! You have nothing to lose, but your chains."
    Description: Formed out of the now defunct Sons and Daughters of Azeroth, the Free Azerothian Brigade (F.A.B. for short) dedicate themselves for fighting for the freedom, and liberation of all peaceful sapients on Azeroth. We are a tight-knit guild who strives to tell and drive stories collectively. We run events every Monday and Saturday at 7pm server, and everyone is welcome regardless of interest in the guild or not. If you are interested in some of our past RPs look into our forum's section "Mission Logs", there you will find detailed logs about all our past events. Feel free to join us for a session, or the guild, our primary goal is to have fun RPing together.
    Races: All (Even Horde if someone wants to get creative)
    Leaders: Chandler (GM), Raelisä, Ðispatch (OOC Officer)
    Requirements: Discord audio for events. See Code of Conduct on website.
    Recruitment: Submit an app on the website or whisper/mail Chandler.

    "Guardians of the Wild"
    A druid only guild on Alliance server, our goals are to protect the balance of life and good on Azeroth. We strive to aid the Alliance, friends and loved ones. To teach young druids in the ways of the wild to become stronger druids. From the mighty bears that serve to protect, healers of nature to the skilled feline and arcane, we will continue our adventure to preserve life on Azeroth.
    Leaders: Cyni (GM) Zåphera (Co-GM)
    Recruitment: OOC and IC interview

    Ghosts of the Modan
    "We are the downtrodden denizens of Ironforge. We are the clanless and kinless of Khaz Modan. With no ties to hold us down, we are truly free. We are the Ghosts of the Mountain."
    Description: We are a thieves' guild and shadow network based out of Ironforge. All classes and races are welcome.
    Races: Dwarves primarily; however, all races are welcome.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
    Leader(s): Audhildr, Vogrini, Teresha
    Recruitment: , Ingame Interview, or Website Application.

    "You serve no greater good in slaying these beasts. You only serve your very nature to hunt."
    Description: Based around the hunt and extermination of big, bad and uglies (Cultists, demons, paranormal, elementals, undead etc.).Pursuing only to fulfill member's thirst to hunt, regarding little for moral, political or religious values. -Very- willing to bend the law for the hunt's sake.
    Races: All
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Leader(s): Steli(Skye Whitehelm) and Jaeysa(Jaeysa Lernay
    Requirements: Website Application, IC Interview

    Kalimdor Collective
    “Unity for Kalimdor"
    Description: A multi-racial militia of Kalimdorian citizens working toward the safety, defense, and betterment of all Allied Kalimdorian people, and those lands they hold or pursue. Various RP themes are explored, usually adventure/combat, exploration, and social/cultural. Max 30 players.
    Races: All are welcome as long as there are ties to Kalimdor.
    Alignment: Lawful good
    Leader(s): Theleste, Kalmer, Telrien
    All Races RP Guilds, cont.

    Lightning Lancers
    "Attack to Defend"
    Description: RP events, PVP, casual PVE! We have it all, and everyday with one to two events a day, a great community, and tons of fun!
    Races: Any and all! Alliance races of course.
    Leader(s): Vällory
    Requirements: Nothing.
    Recruitment: Contact us or whisper an officer in game! To be promoted to IC you need an IC interview
    Wiki link: None

    Lordaeron Temple Knights
    "The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron"
    Description: The Temple Knights for the Restoration of Lordaeron is a military and holy order, whose foremost goal is the restoration of the once great human kingdom of Lordaeron.
    Races: All, Human dominant
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Leader(s): Luxias, Audrea

    Mechanics Inc
    "Your work is your signature."
    Description: Mechanics Inc. is a group of hard workers who enjoy their craft and work within the Roleplaying community to allow others to have things repaired, fabricated, solutions, anything your craft yields, we want you! We do bi-weekly events and have meetings (as needed) every last Saturday of the Month. We are largely a Voluntaryist organization, so your alignment and who you do business with is based upon the notion of you are both agreeing to do so. Apply today!
    Races: All
    Alignment: Voluntaryist.
    Leader(s): Davtiln, Leafarrow

    Runeweaver Legacy
    Description: Runeweaver Legacy is a heavy RP guild that works to protect Azeroth from all the threats that keep rising up. Our events focus on both facing down the aforementioned threats and on reclaiming ancient artifacts to help us better protect others and defeat these threats.
    Races: All are welcome!
    Leader(s): Kaliendra (GM), Chkalla and Wiltheia (Officers)

    Servitors of Lothar
    "Strength, Courage, Compassion."
    Description: A military order working to protect and serve the people of the Alliance, not only by the sword but by relief efforts, exploration, and academic study. We're looking for active RPers who want to contribute their own content and stories in a collaborative effort.
    Races: All lore-compliant Alliance races.
    Alignment: Any.
    Leader(s): Etharion (Commander)

    Silver Circle
    "Let Elune's will be known."
    Description: A guild of keen-eyed kaldorei who stand vigil over their people, ever alert for the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Alliance or those who despoil nature or corrupt Kalimdor.
    Races: Night Elves, Highborne, Shal'dorei
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Leader(s): Feyawen
    Requirements: Guild website registration and a desire to RP actively
    Wiki link:

    Solazar Syndicate
    "One crime has to be concealed by another."
    Description:A loose association of traders, mercenaries, and skilled operatives.
    Races:All classes and races are welcome.
    Leader(s): Kormick
    Recruitment Avenues
    In-game Interview or letter.
    Website:None at this time.
    Contact:Kormick, Katerinia, Zhinkai, or Silôuette (Alt Code: 147)

    Stormwind University
    "Bringing the light of knowledge to this world and beyond!"
    Description: We are the faculty of Stormwind University, recently resurrected after being destroyed during the final events of the first war. We are now hiring faculty in all academic and professional disciplines! Are you a master of your field? A seeker of knowledge? An explorer? A hero? A mentor, a teacher, or a sage? Than join us! Help us bring the light of knowledge, and a love of learning to all parts of this world and beyond!
    Races: All races, classes, and levels are welcome
    Alignment: The University itself is Lawful Good, though any alignment may join given a well thought out story.
    Leader(s): Amaranthaea, Alandí, Lestuu, Mhorighan, Pommie
    Recruitment: Contact officers or submit a website application
    All Races RP Guilds, cont.

    <The Agency>
    Description: The Agency is a medium, neutral RP guild. We are a private mercenary and investigations company, hired by NPCs or factions in the form of quests or by players in the form of RP quests, tasks, instances, or bounties. We house employees who fit a variety of skill-sets: private investigations, research and intelligence, tracking and scouting, elite special forces, assassins and dark artistry, medical staffing, and merchant and political escorts and body-guarding.
    Leader(s): Nikajah, Hàlvar, Haelolin, Suloran, Laurelysia, Caynelros
    Requirements: There is no level requirement. We 18+ preferred
    Recruitment: You can apply on our website or in-game. Feel free to send our management team an in-game mail if we're not online.[/quote]

    The Betrayed Consortium
    "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb"
    Description: We offer an in-character in-house intelligence network, multiple RP/non RP events a week, a custom roll system that allows character progression, and a fun 18+ vent environment. We strive to uphold a welcoming, healthy roleplaying environment for our members in which they may gather together to play and RP with one another. We're a guild of adventurers and freelancers. The majority of our work is to bring some sort of balance to the world of Azeroth, while enriching the lives of those in our family by providing steady and honest work.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Leader(s): Matriarch: Arishaa, Oracle: Sofiorda, Executioner: Cyyllung

    The Conclave
    Description: The Conclave is a specialized military unit whose purpose is to search out and destroy cultist activity and cults at large, hunt and seize magical artifacts, explore and catalogue dangerous, magical places and otherwise handle any magical threat to the Alliance that we are called for. The Conclave is a quality-controlled, heavy RP guild.
    Classes: All, but necromancy is strictly forbidden
    Leader(s): Millér/Fielton (GM), Cosse (Co-GM), Thalsian (Officer), Andrè (Officer)

    The Embersea Accord
    "Everyone Deserves a Second Chance"
    Description: A humanitarian organization dedicated to helping those in need. We do everything from simple soup kitchens to paramilitary aid; anything to protect and serve the people of Azeroth and beyond.
    Leader(s): Marlo and Sae'ureon Shadowpaw
    Recruitment: Whisper Saeureon in-game, please.

    The Royal Courier
    "Azeroth's Best Source for News, Views and The Truth"
    Description: The Royal Courier is an IC newspaper based on the Alliance side. We use Tumblr to host the paper as well as GHI.
    Leader(s): Latilda (GM) / Risri (co-GM)
    Requirements: Strong writing skills; Ability to write at least 4 articles a month; Tumblr account preferred.

    The Sable Sun Company
    "The Black Sun Rises!"
    Description: A guild dedicated to adventure, fun, and booty! Sable Sun is a mercenary company of heros for hire to take on the many troubles and problems of Azeroth.
    Races: All lore compliant races.
    Leader(s): Dawsons McCarthy

    <The Society>
    Description: We are a RP-PvE Raiding Guild of adventurers. Our primary IC goal is to preserve the timeline, and support the Bronze Dragonflight. We have AotC in HNH; raiding Tues & Thurs evenings at 6 PM Server Time.
    Races: All
    Leader(s): Shienli/Hsienli, Ceamus/Rianar/Gidgitpotts, Briawyn
    Requirements: Prefer 18+ and in-game interview. HNH Raid: ilvl 870. We're overfull on tanks. We run an alt raid of regular NH Saturday nights.
    Recruitment: Seek us out in-game.
    All Races RP Guilds, cont.

    The Tipsy Hourglass
    Description: The Tipsy Hourglass is an old-fashioned, tavern-style, casual RP guild founded in mind for a more player-centric experience as well as a way to bring forth more open-world RP based in the quiet reaches of Northrend. Come to get a job, to just be a patron and tell stories of your days of yore and current exploits, or even do a bit of free-lance work posted up on our job-boards! Located in A Hero's Welcome, Dalaran (Northrend)
    Leader(s): Amelia Baker: (Zae), Rook Shadowbane: (Róuke)

    The Winds of Fortune
    "Destination: Adventure!"
    Description: A Caravan/traveling adventurer group. Something between a D&D campaign and what it would be like leveling in character (It we were leveling). The Winds of Fortune travel across Azeroth looking for work, uncovering artifacts for the Explorer's League, helping people in need and learning more about the world around them. We currently have main storyline events once a week, and are looking to add a collection of more idle events on a biweekly basis.
    Races: Any/All, though nonstandard races will be held under more scrutiny.
    Alignment: Neutral/Good
    Leader(s): Katecia

    Description: Semi-hardcore Heroic progression guild, focusing on a chill attitude with experienced leadership. Mythic is only something we might run if there's enough interest/time, I wouldn't consider us a Mythic guild in any sense though.
    Races: No filthy horde races pls.
    Leader(s): Sharkstyle (GM), Garymar (Badass)
    Requirements: A positive attitude and a willingness to learn and progress, we enjoy messing around once we're on farm content but we don't want to be held back on progression because people aren't taking it seriously. You are expected to research your class and raid mechanics, and come to us for advice if you need it. We're always happy to help. 880+ ilvl preferred but not necessary, we can get you to where you need to be.
    Contact: discord or msg Hidealittle#1362 on bnet.

    Description: Vanitas is a dark roleplay guild on Wyrmrest Accord, styling a realistic take on ethical and moral issues within storylines. The storylines which are designed to naturally develop characters as they progress through the guild. We encourage a strong bond between members as they will be the ones watching your back. We ICly seek to achieve the main goal of disassembling the corrupt nobility and dissolving the religion base within the Alliance for a vision of utopia to bring about an egalitarian society for all classes. Application required.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Leader(s): Atris and Malus. Officer(s): Authiren

    "Die well!"
    Description: A new RP/PvP Viking guild. We seek storytellers, people to play civilians, tradesmen, etc. Most ranks have sub ranks and when Jarls get appointed, the guild will become purely Jarl and member run.
    Races: All welcome
    Leader(s): Vaeyar and Lyandor
    Requirements: Must know a bit of Viking lore as well as the WoW version. Know that Vikings were also tradesmen, fishermen, etc. Of mature mindset (can be under 18 as long as you aren't a drama lover, no negative nancy's, no fuddy duddies.
    Recruitment: Send one of us a whisper in game or send us mail via in game.
    Website: (Under const)
    Specific Races

    Bouldershoulder Brigade
    Description: Booze, boisterousness, bruises. Bouldershoulder Brigade's love of alliteration is only trumped by their love of Khaz Modan, the Dwarven People, and a good fight. A crazy troop of dwarves who travel far and wide, punching demons in the face and saving the day (usually).
    Races: Dwarf Only!
    Leader(s): Davonna, Rufaic, Halflan, Halgard, Meudwen
    Requirements: Dwarfiness, a good sense of humor, general good behavior, and an IC interview.
    Recruitment: Just poke any of the Leaders listed above, in game, or perhaps in Discord.

    Gnomeregan Forever
    "The guild that's JUST your size!"
    Description: LvL 25 All-Gnome guild. Featured on WoW Insider twice! We are a Casual RP/Social guild. We do a little of everything (RP, PvE, PvP) without getting too hardcore into any one thing.
    Races: Gnomes only
    Alignment: Gnomeregan
    Leader(s): Forbidra

    Keepers of the Moon
    "Protect, Preserve, Restore."
    Description: A cultural-based Night Elf roleplay guild that promotes unity between all Kaldorei, preserving our history and traditions, as well as personal character development.
    Races: Night Elf only (All classes that can be Night Elves- mages/Highbourne, Death Knights, & Demon Hunters included).
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Azaeluna, Miriael, Laraiena, Minarya, Lorendrethil, Ereminn

    "For Elune and Kalimdor!"
    Description: A civilian militia consisting of Night Elves and Worgen working alongside the Sentinels for the defense of Night Elven lands. All classes excluding Warlocks, Mages, Death Knights and Demon Hunters. RP is the main focus of the guild. It comes in three flavors: Medium, Heavy and "You are ruining my immersion."
    Races: Female Night Elves and Worgen only
    Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good
    Leader(s):Liall Frostwind
    Recruitment: Contact Liáll or Alorasiais for more info.

    "May our enemies beware"
    Description: A traditional Sentinel military RP guild that only accepts female Night Elf characters. No mages or death knights. (the "L" in Sentinel is actually an uppercase i in-game!)
    Races: Night Elf females only
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Leader(s): Adellwyna (GM), Lierona, Dalyana, Xeqwena, Ariete (Officers)

    Silverwing Defenders
    "I anoint these caretakers of the wild."
    Description: The Silverwing Defenders is a group of Kaldorei focused on search and rescue operations in the wake of the second invasion of the legion. The defenders respond to calls for aid from Kaldorei and their allies.
    OOC: A small guild that is going to focus on NElf centric events and RP.
    Races: Night Elf
    Alignment: None required
    Leader(s): Saeliennia
    Specific Races, cont.

    Steelgrasp Brigade
    "We take steel, an' iron and bend them to our will! Fires roar, and magma boils as heat purges impurities from both our steel... an' our foes."
    Description: Steelgrasp is a Clan of Crafters and Warriors, sworn to defend Khaz Modan with our skill and our might.
    Races: Dwarves primarily, but Gnomes and Humans are welcome.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Leader(s): Furgas, Bathildis, Crura, Grimgnir, Velkard, Pheär, Villmar
    Recruitment: , Ingame Interview, or Website Application. Just contact us ingame for the invite!

    The Draenei Fellowship
    "Bringing Draenei Together"
    Description: The Draenei Fellowship is a union where fellow Draenei can come together to share stories, host events, worship in the Light, and do good within Azeroth and beyond. Faithful Draenei who wish to make friends and have fun will fit right in here!
    Race: Draenei
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Leader: Electrika

    The Jadepaw Dynasty
    Description: The Jadepaw clan is made up of pandaren from the Wandering Isle and Pandaria. Although we are all different, our common thread is to protect pandaria, and pandaren interests abroad. The Jadepaw itself is a neutral, pandaria aligned faction.
    Races: Pandaren only
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Yao

    The Order of Goldrinn
    "Those who seek peace; prepare for war."
    Description: The Order of Goldrinn is a Gilnean active, heavy roleplay guild comprised of three noble houses. The central focus is not about the Worgen curse, but the Gilnean people, their culture, and cause. As such, any human with a valid reason to pledge themselves to a Gilnean organization is more than welcome to apply.
    Races: Worgen and Humans
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Esmond (GM)

    The Shator
    "Where faith dwells, hope is never lost..."
    Description: The Sha'tor are a group of strong-willed Draenei who stand at attention over their people, ever alert for the rise of new enemies, or the resurrection of old ones. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Alliance as well as relive the cultural aspect of our home back on Argus.
    Race(s): Draenei only
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s): Kysderal - Guild Leader
    Officer(s): Taliir, Varistus, Vivaaldi

    The Silver Contingent
    "Protect our people, and we will protect you."
    Description: The Silver Contingent operates as a sub-sect of the Silver Covenant under a triumvirate leadership with roots in military experience, piety and academic pursuits. We plan to partake in RP-PVP and propel members through DnD styled story-telling for guild campaigns. Our goal is the promotion of High Elf role-play through a lore-abiding, organized execution.
    Races: High Elf characters are prioritized, but other races will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Leader(s): Arturia, Auroryn, Veritas

    The Thunderstaff Offense
    Description: A titanborn military RP guild focused on eliminating Khaz Modan's enemies. Part of WrA's dwarven rp community.
    Races: dwarves mostly, but we accept gnomes as well.
    Alignment: lawful good
    Leaders: Zenfrox (GM), Thelgref, Kalorr

    Will of the First Wolf
    Description: An order dedicated to the worship of Goldrinn and purging the world of it's corruption. Such as the Twilight's Hammer and the oncoming Burning Legion threat. Goldrinn's faith is our strength.
    Races: All within reason. Majorly worgen, Kaldorei and Human.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Leader(s) Talandael and Cardley
    Recruitment: Whisper Cardley or Talandael or send a letter to either of these names.
    Recruitment thread -
    PVE Guilds
    <Ashes of Eternity>
    Description: AoE is a semi-hardcore raiding guild interested in keeping ahead of the curve. We enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and killing mythic bosses.
    Races: No discrimination here
    Leader(s): Zannder & Sathael (GM & Co-GM)
    Requirements: As long as you know your class and have a passion for improvement, we'll welcome you with open arms.

    "Be awesome to everyone"
    Description: Friendly social progression guild hoping to do things in a timely manner, but without burning out. 7/7 Heroic Nightmare cleared
    Races: All
    Leader(s): Nhiletha (GM) Jadav, Clairy, Sarenthris, Fairuer, Cocomi, Shirley (Officers)
    Requirements: Website application, friendly attitude, and willingness to learn. Raid times 8-11pm PST Tues/Weds

    Symphony of Blades
    Motto: "Friends before Loot"
    Description: If you like a low-stress, low-drama, high-competency sort of experience, you need to become an <SoB>.
    Races: Alliance races
    Leader(s): Nyxaer (Archellion#1220), Druakk (Druak#11805), Tired
    Requirements: Don't be rude and respect one an another
    Forum Post:

    PVP Guilds
    Against All Odds
    "Glory to the Alliance!"
    Description: <Against All Odds> is a PvP guild with a long history on this server. With our Legion relaunch, we are opening the doors to PvPers of all levels, experience, and interest. Good sportsmanship and fun for all is our creed.
    Races: All
    Leader(s): Thane (GM); Coule, Garlando, Morgance, Crowley, Siberos (Officers)
    Requirements: All levels of PvPer are welcome, must be respectful to other players and promote good sportsmanship.

    Misc. Guilds
    "We are the winners, watch us glimmer!"
    Description: Friendly, social guild for people who are up a bit later! We're largely adults who work all week and play all weekend!
    Races: All
    Leader(s): Nathrielle(GM), Felfrank, Deplume, Vedun
    Requirements: Be cool, we're cool dudes.
    Recruitment: Feel free to send officers an in-game mail if we're not online. :>
    Reserved 10, just for good measure.
    Feel free to post - and please request a sticky for this thread. If we can find out how T_T
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    Against All Odds
    "Glory to the Alliance!"
    Description: <Against All Odds> is a PvP guild with a long history on this server. With our Legion relaunch, we are opening the doors to PvPers of all levels, experience, and interest. Good sportsmanship and fun for all is our creed.
    Races: All
    Leader(s): Thane (GM); Coule, Garlando, Morgance, Crowley, Siberos (Officers)
    Requirements: All levels of PvPer are welcome, must be respectful to other players and promote good sportsmanship.
    AAO has been added!
    <Ashes of Eternity>
    Description: AoE is a semi-hardcore raiding guild interested in keeping ahead of the curve. We enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and killing mythic bosses.
    Races: No discrimination here
    Leader(s): Zannder & Sathael (GM & Co-GM)
    Requirements: As long as you know your class and have a passion for improvement, we'll welcome you with open arms.
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