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Wyrmrest Accord
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Not sure why BH was removed from the list since we've been active since WoD, but it needed updating anyways.
<Battle Hardened>
Description: Whether you want to raid on mythic difficulty, raid and dungeon casually, PVP, or just have a friendly home in-game, we have something for everyone.
Mythic Raid Team - Tues/Wed 6-9pm / Heroic Raid Team - Fri/Sat 6-9pm
Leader(s): Shalathe (GM); Aquilean, Charnoble, Subspirit(Officers)
Requirements: A friendly attitude (and a hatred of puns if interested in raiding)
『♚』Songcrest Accord『♚』


Found on Wyrmrest Accord Alliance side, is a heavy RP guild with a focus on primarily D20 storyline events with a heavy emphasis on character choice and development as well as engaging with the community as a whole. We casually™ run PvP and PvE content focusing on mostly on honor level reward farming and Tmog completion.

Races: All races of the Alliance welcomed.
Leader(s): ☼ Casial Suncrest [In-game: Casiál] ♔ Sophaen Songheart [Discord: Sophie#0940]
Requirements: Lore-compliance, tumblr application, interview
Recruitment: [Recruitment Thread Pending]

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