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Muradin and Nordrassil
<Pyrrhic> A new guild on Nordrassil under top 250 US leadership and founded on the premise of bringing a full clearing mythic guild to this server. We're not necessarily searching for members who come from US top guilds nor players who may of raided hardcore in the past. Those players are welcome, but we are also welcoming the players who may not of raided in a semi-hardcore or Hardcore guild but instead are willing to listen, learn, and take criticism. Pyrrhic's raid times aren't set in stone and are subject to change but as of this moment the schedule is a 3 night 12 hr raid schedule.

Monday 8-12PM CST (6-10PM PST/9PM-1AM EST)
Tuesday 8-12PM CST (6-10PM PST/9PM-1AM EST)
Wednesday 8-12PM CST (6-10PM PST/9PM-1AM EST)

Most likely Monday will turn into a clear day, Giving the guild 8 hours of progression time each week. However during progression we may opt to continue progression on Monday aswel.

So alittle bit about me.
My name is Cray, Crayonz, or Crayolaz. I've been raiding since Burning crusade and Raid leading off and on since Wrath of the Lich King. In 5.0 - 5.2 I raided as a brewmaster in a top 250 US guild. Securring plenty of US 250 kills and 2 US 100 kills. In WoD I quit for the majority of the expansion, I just didn't enjoy the expansion all that much. But when Legion was on the horizon I put on my raiding pants and jumped back in the chair. I joined a guild for legion who had the intention of hitting US 75. However as the 20th approached I realized I wasn't interested in raiding with the people in that guild. I understand the dedication, understanding, and tenacity it takes to lead a guild. As I have been in many officer roles and ran a guild in the past.

Why are you making a guild and not joining one?
I'm starting Pyrrhic because I haven't been able to find a guild that suites what I want a guild to be for me now. I'm not looking to be on the bleeding edge of content and sit at my computer in raid for 30 hours a week and go for Top US kills. I want to make Pyrrhic a guild for adults. Who want to clear all mythic content in its relevant patch.

Why Nordrassil/Muradin?
That answer's quite simple for me.. When you come from extremely over populated server's you enjoy the ones that are a quite and close knit community. I have grown tired of the eltist and rotten attitudes large server's tend to breed. I hope the server welcomes me and the few friends I have coming and the future member's of the guild.

If you're a veteran returning to the game, a former high end raider, or a new player looking to raid mythic content for the first time. I implore you to give me a message in game. I'd gladly go over everything in more detail. I won't be raiding emerald nightmare aside from pugs until I craft a core of 10. But until then I plan to push high mythics+ with friends and pug into normal and heroic Emerald Nightmare.

Thank you so much for reading!

Battle Tag: Crayonz#1696

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