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Hydraxis and Terenas
making a raiding group for heroic Emerald Nightmare. A few old friends are wanting to come off the extreme casual bench with me and clear some content again. we are looking for a few more to fill some open spots.
our raid times are open atm, but we are looking at raiding about 6-630pm server time to 9-930pm server tue wens. (subject to change) we will bend these raid times around majority of who can show up.
so far all that are raiding with my group are old school raiders that are used to doing hard modes/mythic raids. this same group downed mythic thok pre nerf and had mythic garrosh on farm weeks before the end of the expac.

To give you an idea of what type of raid environment we have, there is a lot of bad grammar smack talking (all in fun) but when a raid boss is pulled its time for business. we like to enjoy calling out things in raid like our kicks and raid cds.

joining a guild is not required. however we are looking to make a set raiding team
so if anyone is interested in joining us for some raiding add me
Hey Contact me in game tonight. We have full cleared EN normal yesterday, and last week. We have also done Neth on Heroic. We have about 5 or 6 raiders in our guild and been running with some off server people and pugging a few people to get to about 15 for raid nights. Right now our schedule is Tuesday Sunday Monday 5-9 server, but we might be able to move it around if we have to. We want to try and get a stable 15 people atleast for Heroic.

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