Death Knight
Why dont they tune it to be useful against bosses and then have the AoE just split that damage? That would make it equally useful against bosses and aoe without it being op in either.
This is my exact feeling about this ability. I truly feel like consumption should be somewhat reworked. Perhaps make it give you 25% leech when used for 3seconds as a better o snap button or apply a shield for the damage it deals but make the shield static and buff the damage. So make it hit for 250k normal 500k crit and apply a shield for the damage it deals to a single target. This would be much more fun to work into my rotation instead of another, albeit more gimicky, death strike.
I totally agree. It doesn't even overheal you if you happen to actually get a decent heal off of it. It's the only artifact tank ability that doesn't give damage mitigation either. Very bad ability BUT IT'S A GREAT START. I like the IDEA of the ability but not where it stands atm

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