How do you like your artifact weapon?

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My sword was stabbed into the head of some random monster

Then left there for 2000 years or more

The monster was still alive and dangerous despite having such an "epic" weapon embedded in its head for so long. I then kill the monster with the sword when the previous owner couldn't

Clearly I'm the reason the artifact is good since the artifact itself seems ineffective
Wielding the mighty Doomhammer? #feelsgoodman
Every single skin looks so good and his voice oh god i love Aluneth so much i want to bite him
I whipped xmogs over my dagger and off-hand during the 2nd week of Legion. What do you think?

I totally missed my Guldan's staff. T_T
The Sub daggers such in every way possible. The lore is meh, they look horrible, and most of the traits suck. Only fun trait is the immunity from fall damage.
I like Fu'Zan and Sheilun quite a lot.

Fists of the Windlord are... Eh.
Death Knights get 3

1. Maw of the Damned. When I first got it.. meh. Boring and ugly looking.
Now - its pretty cool cause it eats souls.

2. Apocalypse - When I first got it - Boring.
Now - Sometimes its cool when NPCs comment on the death and decay I'm spreading by being in their presence.

3. Blades of the Fallen Prince - When I first got it - AWESOME. Frostmourne reforged!
Now - Meh. They are NOT Frostmourne.. they dont steal souls, they dont even look that BA. You do get to see memories of Arthas though, so at least thats something.
The Bows of Rampant Clipping are a bit too elf-y for my dwarfish tastes.
You can always transmorg, however, players want options. I like the artifact weapons but they could have give players more choices regarding the types of weapons (1h or2h) when applied and many more weapons looks. If you are only going to have the one weapon then they need to give way more choices.

Rock on!
i wield what is arguably the best artifact weapon in the game. no complaints here :)
I hold the crown blade of the House of Sunstrider, of course I'm happy.

If I get bored, five minutes of arcane with a talkity staff of doom works too.

Ebonsnore is boring.
If I could transmog away from fist weapon back to Origin of Nightmares, the staff I've carried for as long as we could transmog, I'd be fine in town.

But I guess I can't, because 'class fantasy'.

I don't hate the claws, at least it looks like I'm hugging someone when I pull out the map.

I do hate that 90% of the time I now look exactly the same as every other bear in the game, because Bears have 5-6 appearances currently available. Rock Bear for months. Bone Bear never, apparently. Thank you so much for putting our Hidden appearance behind a weekly raid lockout with no where near a decent drop rate.
I'm fine with some of them. Aesthetically, I would like to transmog them to a different type of weapon I can equip.


10/23/2016 08:27 PMPosted by Faenara
Not being able to mog Anathema as a spriest made me shelf my priest this xpac.
The fists are extremely boring.
Quite simply, it's a pain in my butt. I am so tired of collecting artifact power I could vomit.
I hate my scythe. Its super edgelord and absolutely retarded as a weapon choice.

It's probably very cool if you are 12.
It's funny.. in almost all the non-WoW games I played, I have almost universally played as a Nord (Elder Scrolls, ESO), Halasian Barbarian (Everquest, Everquest 2), or Varanjar (Vanguard)...
And yet, here we are in WoW, where none of those exist and we've been handed a Norse Viking-style class hall and weapons that feel really incongruous with the game and its setting.

I get that Ulduar was a thing and the Titans, blah, blah.. but compared to Paladins, Shaman, and Death Knights, I feel VERY let down.

Where are our great Warrior heroes, our WoW-centric weapons, our theme of Warcraft..? If this is the hall of slain Warrior heroes, where are Varian, Broxigar or the rest of those who made WoW great?

The weapons are ok, and the supporting stories written to back them up are.. ok. But the lack of real connection to the game's central figures, plot and story is pretty uninspiring - and that's coming from a guy that LOVES all things Norse.

Warrior is a let down in Legion, though I'm enjoying the game anyway.
Best part is not having to wait for RNG gods to smile and finally give you a Dagger you can use just before the Raid Tier is over.

So, in short, Love it!

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