Roses are red, the raids are in season;

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Wait, I wanna try one too.

Fel orcs are red, Eredar too,
Green is for Legion, and Naga are blue
Great googly moogly, it's all gone to Fel,
So buckle up, kiddies, and welcome to Hell!

Or at least, the Broken Isles...entire thread is golden, keep it up :)
Roses are red, violets are blue
but my warlock is green
Roses are red
I suck a poems
Gear is Red
Our faces are blue
We're all dead.
No loot for you.
Thoughtless I purge
Many peasants were killed
When I took on the scourge
My fate became sealed.
10/07/2016 08:05 PMPosted by Pärker
Thoughtless I purge
Many peasants were killed
When I took on the scourge
My fate became sealed.

Too edgy bro, too edgy.
Roses are red.
Such a great prank.
You are now dead.
You were just ganked.
Roses are red, but not very tough.
Looks like I fell off of Thunderbluff.
Let's see if I can make one up.

The kitchen is glows red
As I stand on the border
I'm about ready to jump
'Cause Nomi burned another order.
Roses are red
As the leaves in the fall
Why didn't the Seahawks
Run the ****ing ball?!?
Roses are red
I play prot pvp
I think I know why
They don't invite me
Legion gave hope
Every player could see
Old Gods got nothing
on Lord RNG!
Roses are red
I look up from my tome
Your arrogance will be your undoing
Trifling gnome
Sylvanas is grey.
The horde now serve her.
Cleared Withered Training before looting the chest.
*Disconnected from the server*
Posting in a highly rated thread.
Man'ari are red
Draenei are blue
One of them got paved into a road
And the other should, too
Draenei are blue.
Their shamans worship stone.
Lore characters are dead.
Game of Thrones clone?
Twas the night before Karazhan.
And the raiders grew wary.
One question they keep asking.
"Will this the one drop my legendary?"
Legion is here,
The logo is green.
A legendary drop
Has yet to be seen.
Roses are red, violets are blue
My OP class got nerfed
I must say, that's new.

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