Fusion 6/8M Only two nights GMT+8

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hi all!

Looking for a later-night raiding guild with competitive raiding but no angsty nerds shouting down their mics and bragging about how much better they were in WOTLK?

Come join Fusion of <Barthilas> Currently 3/8M Uldiir with Thurs+Sunday night raid times (10PM-1AM ST)

Specific Requirements:

Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest (Hybrids prefered)

Healers - No core slots currently open, Always taking on strong applicants however

Melee DPS - Feral Druid, Survival hunter and Frost/UH DK!

Tanks - Open to recruiting one tank (Brewmaster/DK pref)

All other dps classes are encouraged too apply!

Hit me up on Bday#1929 for a chat to see if we have any similar interests ;)
Join us! Get loot on 2 days a week.
Bump for new requirements
bump for days
Bump it like its hot!
Sneaks in and out
Mum get the poptarts!
can i join 868 frost dk
Add me on real ID and we can have a chat sir
Looking for more, 2 nights a week!
now with a spot for a healer
Hello forums!
Gimme a mw/Holy+Disc :D
Are you still looking for enhance dps? 4/7M EN
Add my real ID mate, We can have a chat :)
Has anyone seen a R sham/MW? :D Spriest be nice too

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