eles are fine (in pvp)

fear my 80-90k lava bursts (in pvp
Yeah, LVB hitting for 70k on a 2 million HP target. LOL
Elemental now has more tools than ever before to kite with(R.I.P spiritwalker's grace). That being said i've had very little luck kiting subtley rogues and ferals. I almost always play 2s with another dps that can stun often so Running earthgrab now gives me two ways to root each on a 30 seconds cd. I find that most people in low rated 2s burst instantly so just precast SK then icefury and watch them melt. Literally. That being said. Even in pvp we're still very cd dependant. once thunderstorm and gust are on cd there's very little ways out of the tons of gap closers melee have. Btw this charging through roots thing has gotta stop. 99% of the time I die bc i placed a root at a melee's feet but when it surges after they charge or roll or leap it roots them on me then causing me to for lack of better caster representative words, "flop".
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With nothing but flame shock and lava surge procs you will be able to stun a target for 2 seconds every 10 seconds with no dr. Combined with wind shear, you can put a lot of pressure on a healer. Or you can tack on 2 seconds to any stun. It is entirely possible as a ele shaman to lock a healer down with just one stun from a teammate for over 20 seconds with just one cast time ability used.

common sense for pvp players is to sync up cc, but when other classes can sync their own cc for over 10 seconds by themselves is much different, while shaman has big cooldowns on their cc excluding wind shear and a 3 second lock on the school type.

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And hex is a curse. Since several dps specs have lost their decurse, and not every healer can remove curses, it's a pretty strong cc against certain comps. Holy paladins, priests, etc.

yes hex is harder to remove, but it should not be removed by taking damage, i think thats a bad call for a curse, it doesnt make sense. another thing is that hex is on a long cooldown which the wording and mechanic of how hex works does not make sense with its cooldown. look at how polymorph is used, yeah you cant hit them, but it has no cooldown, it works for its mechanic play style. another thing to point out is that in hex, you can still kite and position yourself which kind of a big deal.
Ele's main problems is that it isn't a dot cleaver and it doesn't have a one shot set up that isn't tied to a CD.

If you look at the top two casters you have Demo and Frost Mage. Both are build up, one shot classes with high control and strong defensives.

Ele lacks nearly everything that makes those classes good.

The next casters are Spriest, Affliction, and Boomkin, all of which have immense spread damage when allowed to free cast.

Ele's damage while free casting is extremely lacking.

Now Ele can do competitive damage but it's in constant damage rather than large bursts. Imagine a DoT based class that can only DoT one target. It's going to be very ineffective. That is where Ele is.

They also have the worst CC kit out of all the casters, then consider the removal of their utility totems, all they have is purge and offheals, which a spriest does better. Off heals if they were amazing would be fine but they are weak and ineffective compared to spamming CC on someone like a warlock or mage would do.

Ele's kiting toolkit is pretty much the only thing that was improved in Legion yet all the melee got tools to keep up just as well.

Really sad state imo compared to what Ele used to be.

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