[A] Nevermore is Looking for More Raiders

Muradin and Nordrassil
Heya Muradin/Nordrassil peeps.

Nevermore is looking for more members for our raid team. We plan on hitting heroic Trial of Valor as soon as it drops.

We could use a few more healers, preferably ones who are proficient with DPS offspecs. We can use pretty much any DPS class, though we are a bit melee heavy, and we probably don't need any more ret paladins or demon hunters.

Our raid schedule is:
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 8 p.m. CST to 11 p.m. CST (server time).

What are we looking for?
The most important quality that we value in our raiders is a good attitude. We want to progress at a decent pace, but we still want to maintain a fun atmosphere. Raid performance is important for this team, but we would rather work together to help our raiders improve rather than just replace them. Stuff happens, and the ability to laugh things off is more important that any level of leetness that you bring (although "leet" players are certainly welcome :p).

Attendance is also a big thing, and it is why we are in need of more members. By joining this team, you are agreeing to try to show up on time three nights a week. If something comes up, you are expected to let the raid leader know in advance.

Anyone who is interested can contact Mitsumaru/Mitsuna (the raid leader) or Sukiya in-game. This is on the Muradin server.

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