LF new Guild back on Terenas

Hydraxis and Terenas
I am a decent healer and Dps. I am casual with years of experience under my belt. I like to raid, run dungeons and play alts. I am over 40 yrs. old with a full time job and family and i am just looking for a active guild i can call home.

I can raid most nights and weekends. Even if i cannot raid, i am still active and play almost every night for several hours. I am not a hardcore raider but was one a long time ago. I am now a filthy casual. I have about 12 alts i would like to bring back to Terenas.

I would like to stay Alliance. If you feel that I can help you out and be a good guild member , please let me know. My Battle tag is Ghost#12573

Thank you
Hey I sent you a friend request yesterday. If you are still interested we have a mature skilled group coming together. Right now we are raiding Tuesday and Wednesday. We full cleared EN normal yesterday in about 3 hours, and are going to go do some heroic which we have downed Neth so far. We could use you as a healer or as DPS whatever you prefer, and as long as you pull your weight and are mature we will be happy to have you.

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