how about that blast furnace trait

why even have this in the game honestly
Because it adds some dmg to a spell you use very frequently?
Bigger dps increase than aftershocks...
its 1.5-2% additional dmg? Why would you want traits to increase your dmg?
It's amazing.
Dude, they just gave it a new icon in 7.1.
It does seem pretty amazing for a single non-golden trait. If applied during combustion, each tick will crit.

Also, it's a spell we use constantly, the extra little bit of damage adds up over a fight.

Lastly there is a tiny bit a leeway on the 9 seconds, if you re-cast fire blast with an existing stack running, the duration is refreshed to 12 seconds. Of course you are likely to override that again, but it does sneak a tiny bit of extra damage in since it's not worth worrying about overriding the stack.

Really, would you rather another trait like molten skin?

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