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Hey everyone,

I was inactive for most of Draenor, and am new to battle pets. Do I need to have a level 3 Menagerie unlocked to have access to the "squirt" npc on November 5th?
As long as you have access to the menagerie, you have access to the daily pet battle. It does not have to be level 3.
A level 1 can battle Squirt when she visits if you can get it to to someone's menagerie. I'm pretty sure the level of the menagerie doesn't matter, so long as it's been started.
Great, thanks guy. You all just saved me a ton of time trying to get Draenor Pet Battler lol
I'll likely have a LFG group open in my garrison when she's up, for those who weren't around in Draenor.

As long as you can get to Draenor, and get to the garrison area, you can visit someone's garrison and battle her that way.
Sort of new to pet battling as well, just scratching the surface really. Would someone mind detailing Squirt and the benefits of battling her?
How the hell did i manage to post in the wrong thread.
11/03/2016 06:36 AMPosted by Headliner
Sort of new to pet battling as well, just scratching the surface really. Would someone mind detailing Squirt and the benefits of battling her?

It's an easily repeatable, and beatable, pet battle trainer that spawns in garrison menagerie every two (i think?) weeks. She gives a butt load of exp and can be used to level pets straight from lvl 1 using a handful of 2 pet strategies.

I believe squirt will be around this saturday (11/5). You can do some more digging into strategies but I think the agreed upon combination to use is enchanted broom and weebomination because they're quick and protect your leveling pet from aoe damage, but other combinations exist, such as bronze whelpling & spectral tiger cub/widget, or even mechanical pandaren dragonling (MPD) + a random 25 pet to clean up.

A lot of the pets above require some amount of farming, but the mechanical pandaren dragonling is an allstar and pretty easy to get. When just starting out, the MPD method was the most readily available for me. Sometimes it fails, most of the time it works, and is great for leveling pets that already have a few levels on them. You can read up on all the strategies and decide what works best for you.
(I posted the following under the Squirt listing at Wowhead when the Weebomb nerf was announced:)

I did not create this strat. It was posted in the wow battlepet forums by Alonnie as an approach to use once the weebomb nerf comes into play, making the weebomb/broom strat much, much less effective.

Here's a link to the thread at the Wow forums:

S/S Bronze Whelpling / Spectral Tiger Cub (or Widget the Departed)
it's 100% consistent and can be used with any level carry and takes about 1 minute 20 seconds.

Start with bronze whelpling
1. tail sweep
2. tail sweep
3. tail sweep
4. tail sweep (Deebs is dead)
5. early advantage (bronze whelpling dead)
6. select spectral tiger cub and use spectral strike (tyri dead)
7. switch to carry
8. switch back to spectral tiger cub
9. prowl
10. spectral strike (puzzle dead)

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