What era did everybody join?

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And what's everybody's favourite expansion? Just wondering. From Vanilla, here. And my favourite eras have got to be either wotlk or mop.
I first played WoW way back when the very first BC+Vanilla Battlechest came out, back before even Wraith.
Played in the original betas, and began vanilla on day one and haven't looked back. BC was one expansion that stands out, but I've been a fan of them all for one reason or another.
I joined in tbc, but was super duper uber casual until WoTLK dropped.
I joined in Cata, and some of my best memories are from there. I don't know if that's because I was new or if the content was awesome, but nothing can live up to my firelands raiding experience
Stress Test for the original WoW. Wrath was probably the high point for me.
Somewhere during the 21st century
Mana Tap was on my bars when I made this character.

My favorite is either WOTLK or MoP.
I joined two weeks before BC released and have been a steady player ever since. My favorite expansion is Mists of Pandaria, with Wrath as a close second.
Played since the beginning and raided since the release of BWL.

I remember going for a Razorgore kill instead of a Ragnaros one when BWL came out.

TBC was the high point, the design paradigm shift in WOTLK was the low point to which the game hasn't been able to recover (though it tried at the start of cata and is trying again)
Classic. Druid.
Then this char in bc, a year after bc launch (took break, healing naxx 40)
Prob wrath.
I did a guest pass around the end of BC. Made my own account during WotLK. Though I thought MoP sounded dumb at first, I think I had my most fun playing during it.

I have always been casual and always will be. "Progression" means less to me than having fun while playing. This doesn't mean I don't like a challenge; it just takes less to challenge me. ;P
I was in the closed beta before vanilla launched...so I'm old now.

Favorite expansion is hard to answer...raiding wise probably MoP. Overall probably Wotlk.

I did not enjoy a good chunk of cata and I started off hating wod because they removed 10 man mythic... so had a bad taste in my mouth the entire expansion.
Joined a couple of months after BC hit. First character was NE with Jewelcrafting.

I would have to say Wrath was my favorite, then bc, then mop, cata, wod. Not sure where legion is going into that list at the moment. Lots of things I like, lots of things I don't like. Have to wait to see which way the scale tips.
Day 1, but my favorite time was probably Wrath.
Joined during ICC in Wrath in another region. Played on BC private server before that. Remember loving the new LFD system, because I could barely experiene those dungeons before.

Favorite one is probably Wrath because it was my first one and I remember myself shaking during my ICC runs and how epic it was to get into there. Countless random heroic farming runs for emblems. Moments of joy when enough Emblems of Frost were acquired to buy a piece of real raid tier set. Simming stuff in Rawr, because I loved optimizing numbers. Epic Wintergrasp battles.
Vanilla, and I Liked WoLK the best. This guy was made sometime in vanilla, I have warrior I made on day one, and a hunter I made after the 1.6 patch.
TBC. TBC. Not even close.
I played since Vanilla/BC but stopped after wrath when my account was hacked. Now I got a new account thinking Legion would be better than the last expansions.

Fave expac was WotLK.
Public beta/stress test.


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