What era did everybody join?

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I started two weeks before BC was released. For all intents and purposes you can say I started in BC.
Joined in January of '05. At the time, I thought leveling as a Holy Priest was the coolest thing in the world even though it was just Smite spam.
The second half of Vanilla, March 2006.

My favorite eras are both Vanilla and BC.
I got in on vanilla launch day. Wrath was my heydays. I'm liking Legion so far, just a little bummed my favorite class/spec is a little on the squishy side (and RNG for secondary stats hates me).
Tail-end of base-WoW. Roughly four months prior to the release of BC.
TLDR: Forayed for a few months in BC, "officially" started in mid WotLK on this account. First got level cap with Cata's launch. Favorite expansion excluding Legion [too early to say IMO] is Mists. Theme was "childish" or otherwise lighthearted on a surface level but probably about as dark as Warcraft has ever gotten if you actually paid attention. Good wealth of content, good pve balance, felt good.

I -technically- started in BC on my first account, but couldn't convince my parents to keep paying for the game at that time. I was younger then. That lasted 4 months, I got to level 31 in that time, and thats actively playing. I spent a LOT of time derping around just exploring or RPing.

I consider my "official" start to be mid Wrath, I think during Ulduar. I did not have the expansions though, so I hit 60 and started gearing out in "old" raids. I eventually got BC, rolled a shaman, same thing, hit 70 organized BC raids.

It was.. interesting because power creep hadn't gotten TOO insane yet, people would comment about how the level 70 shaman was beating a bunch of 80s. Not 1st place or anything, but not on bottom as you might expect, ya know?

a few years later after catching up on expansions a hunter joined our raid team, think this was early Mists? He referred to me as his "first raid leader" from me doing the BC runs during Wrath. Was a neat experience.

First expansion at level cap experiencing endgame content: Cata launch.
I started in BC, favorite expansion was Wrath, MoP a close second. Both were extremely well done.
BC, but I didn't really start to understand the game till WotLK. And didn't start raiding until Cata.
I started when Naxx was floating above Thunder Bluff. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Really had the most fun in BC because of the guild i was in. Didnt really get serious into raiding till Wrath and Cata. Cata killed it for me though and havent been serious since.

Vanilla player here! And so far my favorite expansions were MoP and WotLK. Did'nt get to play too much in BC unfortunately. :*(
Started within a week of The Burning Crusade hitting stores.
Favorite was Wrath. loved the zones, as well as the questing.
Also had plenty to do at level cap.
Joined during Wrath, at some point after Icecrown Citadel was out.

Mists of Pandaria was my favorite. I keep looking back at it and feel extreme sadness, given everything that's happened after it.
Vanilla and WotLK.
Cata, about a month before MoP was released. MoP is my favorite. I made a bunch of good friends during that time and had lots of fun in the game. Thunder King patch was amazing, to me.

I can honestly say I wish I'd started earlier, such as BC or WotLK. I've heard those were WoW's true glory days and I'd love to have played Wrath when it was current.
Joined in vanilla not long after release. didn't like it and gave that account away after just a few weeks (playing from Australia on a slow connection FTL)

purchased the game again in WRATH when I was looking for something I could play on my macbook from my hotel room when I was travelling for work, which I did a lot at that time.

have been here mostly ever since then and WRATH is still my favourite. lots of fond memories and a little nostalgia, Sholazar basin and grizzly hills are still among my all time favourite zones
I've been playing on and off since 2006 and also have had 3 WoW accounts :p
ulduar tier

i remember those weekend ulduar 25 pugs and we brick walled at hodir cause we kept getting frozen or brick walled at vezax cause of mana issues.....never got yogg down during that tier....that fight must have been tough for some groups with all that insanity going out if you did not avoid it in that brain room

when toc dropped i joined dungeon finder and was like oh yeah im getting epics (219 ilv) and thought i was boss with my 2 edge of ruins lol
I came in lat BC , I remember the old bank in Org where Grommash hold is now , dodging chuck norris jokes in the barrens trying to get to wailing cavers , being chased by plagued players in Rog during Wrath pre event . Most of all I remember the game being more of a community then just individuals sitting in cap cities trolling trade while waiting for dungeon queues.

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